Get Inspired From Krystal Jung’s Fashion Style!

Krystal Jung as Fashion Icon in K-pop

Being well-known as the fashionista in her group, many people deem Krystal Jung as the paradigm of casual fashion style. In May 2015, Oh My Girl’s Jiho stated in an interview that Krystal is her fashion role model, “I envy Krystal’s style because she has a great fashion sense. She is pretty and has a proportionate body.”

Krystal’s status as a fashion icon is established even stronger in the May 2018, L’Officiel Italia magazine who chose the younger sister of Jessica Jung as Asia’s inspirational representative of fashion and arts due to her outstanding sense and talent in these fields. In this article, we will observe the top 20 of Krystal Jung’s fashion styles in the last (almost) decade. So, keep reading!

Krystal Jung’s Best Fashion Style

Krystal Jung is dressed in a casual office look as she wears a black top paired with loose trousers with the dark blue blazer layered on top. Also, she is wearing black sandals that are wrapped her feet. As for her accessories, Krystal wears a matching black watch on her left wrist and a pair of dangling silver earrings which is mostly hidden behind her mid-length brown highlighted hair.

Krystal Jung attended a brand launching as one of the speakers while wearing a black long-sleeved top with dusty pink on the cuff and paired it up with black stockings and stilettos. As for the accessories, Krystal wears a tiny silver ring on her left third finger and earrings.

Krystal Jung peeked at the journalist before leaving for her flight while draping in a long black coat, stockings and high heels. As for the complimentary items, Krystal wears sunglasses and a red maroon shawl that makes her neck look warmer than ever.

Flashback to Krystal Jung’s younger days when we can see how energetic her fashion style was as she wore a short denim jacket which is paired up with the black denim and completed with Converse shoes. As far as the distance of the camera that captured the picture above, Krystal was wearing a black pouch on her left side whereas lots of shopping bags were handled by her right hand.

Krystal Jung looks enchantingly cold as she attended the press conference of her drama The Bride of Water God. Even though her role in the drama is a celebrity, Krystal wore a black suit set of a black blazer and pants with flares which was low cut on the bottom along with black and brown wedges. As for the accessories, Krystal wore a ring on her right index finger, a pair of dangling earrings, a small silver necklace, and a black loose choker.

Krystal Jung is seen standing in the front of the airport while wearing a brown and white sweatshirt with black zigzags across the center that paired up with the denim bootlegs and brown wedges. As for the accessories, Krystal wears square-rimmed sunglasses and brings a big white bag in her right hand.

Krystal Jung’s tomboyish style is seen in the picture above as she wears a long-sleeved white top with black lines that paired up with the skinny denim pants and a pair of black sneakers. As for the accessories, Krystal wears sunglasses, a small black watch on her left wrist, and a white handbag in her right hand.

A chic aura is emphasized by Krystal Jung as she wears an army top which is paired up with a denim jacket, a grey blazer and stockings, with a pair of black ankle boots. As for the accessories, Krystal wears a sunglasses, various kinds of bracelets on both of her left and right wrists, and dark blue shawl.

Krystal Jung attended a brand event by wearing a long-sleeved blouse that is paired up with the dark blue trousers and black sandals. Though mostly remaining hidden from the eyes of the public, Krystal still wears a pair of small dangling earrings to complement her feminine style.