Let’s Look at Some Fascinating Facts About Korean Singer Krystal Jung!

Krystal Jung

Get Closer to Krystal Jung

Krystal Jung may be better known by the name Krystal F(x), and is one of F(x)’s members. Besides having a beautiful face and good voice, she also has a cool aura. Just like her older sister, Jessica Jung, Krystal can also be judged to be a fierce idol. Most people think that she’s a cold person, but who knows if, deep down, she has a warm side that could break all the coldness she portrays?

Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you the fascinating Krystal Jung and her facts!


1. She Hates Riding Planes

As a Korean idol, it’s part of the job to travel for your work, such as doing concerts, photoshoots, or shooting for films. But do you know that Krystal hates riding a plane? Even though she has to fly often, if she had the ability to teleport, she’d travel that way, instead of flying.


2. She’s Attracted SM Entertainment’s Attention Since She Was A Child

Krystal was recruited by SM Entertainment in 2006 when she was 12 years old. Even before that, though, SM Entertainment had already been watching Krystal with an eye for recruiting her. Unfortunately, Krystal’s parents forbade her to recruit, because they thought Krystal was too young to come to the entertainment industry at that time. Finally, in 2006, she joined a singing competition and was chosen to be one of F(x)’s members.


3. She Hates Cucumber

Who knew that Krystal Jung hates to eat cucumber? Maybe some of her fans think that that was Jessica Jung’s thing, but just like her older sister, Krystal also hates to eat cucumber.


4. Cold Outside, Warm Inside

Krystal Jung is always be judged by people that think she looks arrogant, fierce, or cold. She’s even been called an Ice Princess, just like what people said about her sister, Jessica. This is because when Krystal is seen in public, her face looks cold, without any expression. In reality, she’s just a shy person. The cold appearance might be her ‘mask’ to hide her shy side. Song Seung-hoon, her opponent in the drama PLAYER, revealed that when they were shooting on location, Krystal always shared her smile with everyone. “She has the cold ice image and looks arrogant, but actually she’s often smiling,” On the Jessica & Krystal variety show that aired on OnStyle, Jessica said that she and Krystal had a hard time expressing their feelings, and often ended up looking like they’re arrogant or cold when in public. Krystal said that she wouldn’t explain about the cold image, she said that it was what she could do and it was a reflection of herself.

But Krystal has successfully melted netizens’ hearts with her behavior. When Krystal was in an airport leaving from Korea to China, her fans were gathered in the airport to say goodbye to her. She was completely surrounded by fans, but Krystal bent over and picked up a fan’s letter that fallen. That picture was spread in social media, and mostly there have been many compliments for what she did.


5. Krystal was Envious of Jessica Jung?

Even though both Krystal and Jessica always look well put-together for any occasion, Krystal said that she was jealous of Jessica. It wasn’t about boyfriends or things like that, she was jealous of Jessica Jung’s wardrobe! Since Jessica decided to leave SNSD, she started her own business, launching a clothes and skincare brand called Blanc & Eclare. Krystal was jealous of Jessica, who designed her own clothes, and said that she wanted Jessica’s wardrobe. Jessica Jung’s success is also a motivation for Krystal.


6. Krystal’s Lip-Biting Habit

Krystal has an interesting habit — she bites her lips! Sometimes you see her biting her bottom lip. People, mostly her fans, think that it makes her looks even sexier. What do you guys think of it?