Krystal vs Jessica: Comparing the Jung Sisters

Latest News about Jessica and Krystal

Jessica & Krystal

First, we’re going to talk about Krystal’s recent updates! Even though her girl group, f(x) is still on hiatus, Krystal pursues her career through other ways, such as modeling. Krystal has had some photoshoots with famous brands such as Uniqlo, MiuMiu, and many more! Other than that, Krystal also had photoshoots with famous magazines such as Allure, and many more.

Krystal Jung

Meanwhile, Jessica is still focusing her business through her own brand, BLANC & ECLARE. She travels all around the world to promote her brand and launch products. Jessica is also being the new face of the brand Louis Vuitton, and being a brand ambassador of the beauty product lineĀ Amuse.

Jessica Jung

Well, that’s quite enough for the comparisons between Jessica and Krystal! We hope that both of them continue their careers and businesses, and let’s keep for another project from Jessica and Krystal! Tell us who you choose between Jessica or Krystal in the comment section!