Krystal vs Jessica: Comparing the Jung Sisters

Jessica & Krystal

Jessica & Krystal

People who follow them get curious about the Jung Sisters’ real life. After people have seen their appearances on stage, their careers, and their experiences, they wonder what their lives must be like. To answer fans’ curiosity, the sisters had an exclusive show called Jessica & Krystal.

Basically, Jessica & Krystal was a variety show from OnStyle. The variety show ran for about 10 episodes and the viewers could take a look at the daily life of Jung Sisters. In the show, both women use their Korean names, Jung Soo-yeon (Jessica) and Jung Soo-jung (Krystal) indicating to the viewers that what they are seeing is the stars’ normal and usual daily life.

Watching the show, we could see how they were living together as sisters in real life, how they treated each other, and their good relationship as siblings. As it turns out, their daily life is largely the same as other people’s daily lives.

The show also presented us with guest stars who were their fellow performers in each of their girl-groups, such as Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, and Yuri from Girls’ Generation, and members from f(x)’s.

Watch one of the episodes of Jessica & Krystal here:

Jung Sisters’ Relationship and Sibling Dynamics

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Since their lives are so closely entwined, what is their relationship like? As people expected, Jessica and Krystal are sometimes compared to each other, whether in good ways or bad ways. Even though their individuals, the comparisons are something they can’t get away from.

Jessica and Krystal were both famously known for Ice Princesses, since both of them have a ‘cold expression’ on some occasions, and people have noticed it. Why do the two famous idols have cold expressions? Sometimes people assume that they had bad attitudes due to their cold-hard looks. Jessica was the first one who could try to present herself differently, but Krystal was the one who had a harder time controlling it.

Jessica always supported Krystal whenever she was feeling down about all of the bad assumption that people made about her. In reality, both of the sisters are a bit shy, which is why they sometimes seem to have a flat expression in front of the camers, leading some people to believe that they were arrogant, which isn’t true.

They’ve been really close since their childhood, even to being recruited to be trainees by the same agency at the time. Whenever Krystal was sad due to all of the speculation and attention from people, Jessica always said, “They’re staring because you’re pretty.” Such a sweet sister, right?

Krystal said that they often argued when they were children, but as time went by their relationship kept getting closer and closer. Krystal and Jessica share all their secrets with each other and offer each other their support.


Krystal’s Instagram

Krystal Jung

Let’s talk about Krystal’s Instagram account! If you haven’t followed her yet on Instagram, kindly check out @vousmevoyez! While this article was written, Krystal already had 7.6 million followers, shared 300+ posts, and followed 20+ accounts. Here are some of Krystal’s best feeds on Instagram and her recent updates so far!

One of her recent updates was a picture of her with the brand MiuMiu, taken in Hong Kong.


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Jessica’s Instagram

Jessica Jung

Now it’s Jessica’s turn! If you haven’t followed her yet on Instagram, check out her Instagram account @jessica.syj! While this article was written, Jessica already had 8.2 million followers, shared 640+ posts, and followed 5 accounts so far. Let’s take a look at Jessica’s best feeds and her recent updates on Instagram!

One of her recent updates was this picture of herself while she was in Zytglogge. She looked extremely beautiful and happy!

Now, here are top feeds on Jessica’s Instagram!