Wow! Kris Wu and Kendall Jenner Look so Good Together In Vogue Magazine!

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Kris Wu and Kendall Jennel, The Duo You Don’t Know You Need!

Kendall Jenner’s famous name certainly doesn’t need to be introduced any further. Although still young, this 19-year-old model has posed with international models, including Kris Wu Yifan, a Chinese who is a former member of EXO, South Korean boy band by SM Entertainment which is famous in South Korea and also quite famous internationally. They worked together for a photoshoot for Vogue China, Chinese edition of Vogue, a famous fashion and lifestyle magazine.

Vogue China Photoshoot

Kendall uploaded the cover for Vogue China. In the photo, Kendall and Kris both dressed in red and black shades stare directly at the camera. Kendall was seen putting her hands on the shoulders of the former member of EXO casually. Meanwhile, Kris himself carried a small guitar in his hand. The photo was taken by Mario Testino. He is one of the legendary photographers of Vogue, whose works often reap admiration in the world of photography.

In the photos, Kris and Kendall look harmonious in the mix between east and west. Kris is wearing a black coat with small red accents on the edges. Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner is in a glowing fancy dress. Kris also seemed proud to pose with Kendall Jenner. Kris uploaded a photo on his Instagram account, “Hello Vogue! Thank you and see you again,” he wrote as a photo caption.

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Their Relationship

Kris Wu YiFan’s departure from EXO apparently did not make him lose fans. The number of fans is really increasing and one of them is the beautiful model Kendall Jenner. Recently, Kim Kadarshian’s younger sister was interviewed by Ye Si, a celebrity and blogger from China. In the interview, Kendall revealed her impressions of working with Kris on a photo shoot for the most recent edition of Vogue magazine.

Kendall praised Kris by calling him “very cool” and she also said, “Kris really knows how to dance. He was also very nice during the photo shoot. It’s nice to have met him.” The 20-year-old model also admitted that she didn’t know a lot about Kris before. But after meeting, she listened to Kris’ music and considered the 24-year-old singer an extraordinary figure.

Wu YiFan or Kris is a former member of the famous K-Pop boy band EXO. Kris decided to leave EXO filing a lawsuit against the agency that took care of him, SM Entertainment, in 2014. The reason was that Kris felt that he was only made a puppet, and the distribution of the salary he received was truly unfair. Although Kris’ case with SM Entertainment is still rolling, it doesn’t stop him from continuing his work.

Kris received a job offer as an actor, with his debut in the Chinese film Somewhere Only We Know. In fact, Kris also made a debut internationally by appearing as a guest at the 2015 New York Met Gala. Kris appeared in a Vogue photo shoot to express his experience appearing in the 2015 Gala Met. Kris is the first K-Pop artist to set foot on the prestigious red carpet event.