Check Out These K-Pop Playlist Recommendations That Can Brighten Your Day!

List Of Cheerful K-Pop Songs

Hello hello again, our beloved fellow K-Poppers! How are you guys today? We hope you are doing fine and are ready to grab yet another piece of news from Channel-Korea about the Korean Entertainment world. From your beloved idols to your beloved actors, we are ready to bring you new pieces of information every day.

And today, in this article, Channel-Korea is going to provide you with the news about what kind of K-Pop songs we think will make your day much better and brighter. You know, there are a lot of genres in K-Pop music, such as cheerful songs but also depressing ones. And for now, Channel-Korea will share with you a list of K-Pop songs that will make you happy.

So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list, guys. Keep scrolling down!


Red Velvet – 빨간 맛 (Red Flavor)

“Red Flavor,” from the K-Pop girl group Red Velvet, is an energetic dance track that’s perfect for the summer. The music video has a colorful and fruity concept that goes along perfectly with Red Velvet’s bubbly image. This song will make you dance along the beat and music.


SEVENTEEN – 예쁘다 (Pretty U)

“Pretty U” from SEVENTEEN is the continuation of the story that had begun in their previous tracks, “Adore U” and “Mansae.”

According to SOOMPI, like their previous albums, the members of SEVENTEEN themselves had a hand in producing and writing the music and lyrics for the album, including the choreography.


NCT U – Without You

NCT U’s “Without You” is influenced by the pop and rock genres with an EDM-inspired beat, which gives the group’s vocal line the chance to show off what they’ve got, a little bit different from their other song “The 7th Sense.”


Chungha – Roller Coaster

“Roller Coaster” is the title track of Chungha’s second mini-album OFFSET. According to SOOMPI and some other portal news, this song is produced by Black Eyed Pilseung and Jun Goon, and the song has a 90s feel with a modern 2-step rhythm.

The music video shows her being a dancing queen, dressed in creative outfits that highlight her unique concept.


Day6 – Dance Dance

DAY6’s “Dance Dance” is one of the tracks from their monthly release series from 2017. “Dance Dance” talks about dancing freely and letting go of inhibitions. They looked so dorky and funny in this Music Video.


TWICE – Yes or Yes?

“YES or YES” by TWICE, K-Pop girl group under JYP Entertainment, is composed by David Amber and Andy Love, who previously created “Heart Shaker.”

Through the bubbly lyrics and joyful dance, TWICE confesses with confidence to their fans where the only answer is “yes.”


WJSN – Happy

Cosmic Girls or WJSN’s “Happy” is their track from their first studio album Happy Moment.

According to SOOMPI, “Happy” is a bright dance track with a dance-hall beat, and it portrays the emotions of a girl in love. The bright and sunny setting fits perfectly with the group’s cheerleading outfits and the overall energetic feel of the song, and the various formations and gestures that are included in the dance are reminiscent of an actual cheerleading routine.



ITZY’s “Icy” is a summer song and the first that JYP Entertainment’s Park Jin Young wrote for the girl group. According to some portal news, Park was joined by producer and rapper Penomeco, as well as talented composers such as Cazzi Opeia, Ellen Berg, Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell, and Lauren Dyson, as Park helmed the project as the main composer and lyricist.

The new song accentuates ITZY’s girl crush charms as they may appear cool on the outside but are full of energy and excitement.


BLACKPINK – As If It’s Your Last

BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last” is also one of the songs that have such positive energy and is really fun to listen to. The break down near the end had a different genre to it which really mixed in well with the song.

The Music Video using many cheerful and bright colors and outfits they wore which reflected in their video color tones, too.


MAMAMOO – 나로 말할 것 같으면 (Yes I Am)

MAMAMOO’s “Yes I Am” is part of their new mini-album Purple. This song also perfectly fits with the summer season as each member confidently talks about themselves.


GOT7- 딱 좋아 (Just Right)

GOT7’s “Just Right” is a song that incorporates Southern hip-hop elements. “Just Right” is produced by Grammy-winning producer duo Jackie Boyzalong with a group of composers who have written songs for various popular pop stars. The lyrics were written by Park Jin Young.

The song is about GOT7 encouraging the girl to stay the way she is because they consider her beautiful as she is. According to SOOMPI, the brightly-colored music video showcases the seven boys singing and performing in miniature-form to a discouraged girl.


WINNER – Everyday

Last but not least, there are WINNER with “Everyday.” “Everyday” is a pop and chill-trap genre track created with sophisticated sources.

According to SOOMPI, the bright song was composed by Kang Seung Yoon and Song Mino together with AiRPLAY, and the lyrics were written by Kang Seung Yoon, Song Mino, and Lee Seung Hoon.

That was the list of K-Pop songs we think would be one of the reasons for your bright day. What do you think? Did you agree with our list? Don’t forget to keep supporting your beloved K-Pop idols and stay tuned on Channel-Korea for more news about the Korean Entertainment world. Thank you so much for staying tuned with us, fellows. Bye!