These 9 K-Pop Group Songs That Were Played at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Will Cheer You Up!

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Learn More About the Legendary Moments When K-Pop Songs Were Played at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Several K-pop songs enlivened the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 tournament which was held since July 23, 2021. This interesting moment did not escape the attention of K-pop fans. They even uploaded the moments on social media, and some of them went viral. This proves that K-pop has succeeded in bringing the hallyu wave to all over the world and makes everyone happy too when listening to K-pop songs, some of which are popular songs and won several top music chart positions.

Therefore, you should also listen to some of the top K-pop songs that played at Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 which can be added to your daily playlist and also cheer up your days ahead! Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about these legendary moments in the article below!

NCT 127

During the South Korean soccer match against Romania, NCT 127‘s song “Kick It” was playing in the background. During the match which was held on July 25, 2021, South Korea successfully silenced Romania with a score of 4-0.

“Kick It” is a powerful hip hop song with a deep message. Through a number of lyrics, the nine members of NCT 127 invite listeners to overcome trauma and be reborn in a new identity and become heroes. From the beginning of the song, the members sing about the courage to take over the world like Bruce Lee, an actor and martial artist.


STAYC‘s song “ASAP” played as the South Korean women’s national volleyball team warmed up. South Korea was scheduled to play Brazil’s national team. However, the Ginseng country had to accept a 3-0 defeat.

“ASAP” is one of the singles from STAYC which is very popular and can make the name of STAYC more famous and recognized by many people. “ASAP” has fresh vibes with a genre that teenagers love. Catchy lines and a synth bass added to the instrumental make the song refreshing to hear. STAYC’s concept was drawn really well through “ASAP.”


The younger brother of BTS who is also a boy group under the same agency, TXT, also stole attention with the song entitled “Magic” that played during the boxing match between Azerbaijan and Bahrain. In the match held on July 24, 2021, the Azerbaijani athlete Mahammad Abdullayev defeated Bahrain’s Danis Latypov. This moment not only surprised fans but also TXT’s Taehyun, one of the TXT members who has a history as a boxer

“Magic” is one of the B-side tracks from the studio album entitled The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE. “Magic” is an upbeat disco pop song that showcases a different side of the TXT members. “Magic” is all about your magical ability to melt the ice around you. This is a really good song for summer.


ITZY‘s song “Don’t Give a What” was heard when the host discussed the American female gymnastics athletes. ITZY’s song “Don’t Give a What” was heard as the broadcasters discussed the women’s gymnastics team from the US with images of Simone Biles and Jade Carey plastered on the screen. Apparently, it was the moment when the gymnast from the United States (US), Simone Biles, decided to withdraw from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The reason was related to mental health. After Biles resigned, her position was replaced by Jade Carey. She is a gymnast who was in the ninth position during qualifiers.

“Don’t Give a What” is certainly one of ITZY’s tracklists that gave full enthusiasm to the athletes who attended the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The lyrics in this song also seem to say that we don’t need to respond to things that are not important and bring us down. Instead, we have to stand by ourselves to keep moving forward and not respond to the opinions of others who want to bring us down.

Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl‘s “Dun Dun Dance” was played when the South Korean women’s national volleyball team successfully scored against Brazil.

Dun Dun Dance” is a nu-disco genre composed and co-written by Ryan Jhun, Scott Stoddart, and Anna Timgren. Seo Ji Eum also participated in writing the lyrics. Listeners can enjoy the dynamic changes in melody and rap while the beat alternates between funk and trap.