Look Casual, Elegant, and Fashionable by Copying These K-pop Idols’ Outfits

Casual, Elegant, and Certainly Fashionable

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a list of inspiring K-Pop idols’ outfits. These idols will help you to mix and match your wardrobe for daily wears. So, let your closet chill first and stay tuned!






The first K-Pop girl group to inspire your daily mix and match is G-IDLE!


Yuqi’s appearance is very causal by combining a hoodie sweater and black pants that she wears along with sneakers. And don’t forget the white tube socks! She also chose a brown sling bag as the color block of this monochrome theme. Take a look at the other girls’ outfits for a semi-formal but also casual look.

Another Yuqi look in a squared shirt, short jeans, and Adidas shoes. So cute!

This style below can also complete your chic style. Short jeans and long-sleeved top, who can deny the appeal of this style?

Let’s take a peek at the prices of Yuqi’s outfits. Well, the prices of the clothes sure fit the idol’s wallet!



Get inspired by one of the biggest K-Pop girl groups – BLACKPINKLisa, Jisoo, Rose, and Jennie’s outfits will guide us to upgrade our mix and match outfits for daily wear. Let’s check out the girls’ ideas!

This white blouse is a must-buy!

Or you can steal Jennie’s sporty style.

Ready for the next round?




The fresh K-Pop girl group ITZY is next in lineTheir outfits really fit for young girls and they just know how to look cute!



Get inspired by NCT members’ outfits! The boys are known as great dancers but they also know how to dress. They make simple outfits look elegant and expensive. Let’s check it out!

Taeyong’s outfit below can inspire your style just with a white t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and a touch of a yellow cap!

Yuta’s airport outfit with the Letter M Loose Sweater priced at around $47,35 makes him look cute but still manly with his ripped jeans!

Here’s a little peek at the prices of NCT’s Kun’s outfits. Whoa! It’s quite not cheap for a t-shirt and a tote bag.

Doyoung looks half-asleep with his white t-shirt covered by a grey shirt and light jeans. Your outfit is too comfortable, Doyoung! Maybe that’s why you feel sleepy… However, his look is casual yet stylish!



More outfit inspiration comes from another K-Pop boy group – iKON! Steal their style to get more attention from the girls on the street, haha! Look at Bobby wearing an oversized shirt and light jeans. It fits him well with his cute face.

Copy Jinhwan’s style too of a comfortable lined sweater and dark pants!



Let’s check out X1’s debut outfits that can be your inspiration for a daily mix and match!

Our cute Dongpyo in the concept of X1’s photo album is wearing a tunic shirt from JWAnderson.

Hangyul looks fresh with a cotton blend shirt from Raf Simons which is priced at around $1.200.

Even though the outfit looks normal, but apparently the Thom Browne shirt that Yohan wears in the picture above is not that normal.

Lee Eun-sang looks so cheerful and he’s also wearing an outfit from Thom Browne.

Junho wears a white shirt from The Editor with a suit and pants from Givenchy.

Steal Min-hee’s outfit wearing a shirt wrapped in jumper stripe from Wooyoungmi! It’s going to make you warm and huggable!

Finally, the leader, Han Seong-woo wears outfits and shoes in calming colors which are priced at $293,28.



The last boy group that will inspire your daily outfits is none other than BTS! We will start with V’s advice, you will look casual but still neat with just a casual black bottom for pants and shoes, then add a striped sweater. Done!

Or going with an all-black style of choice will work!

Jimin’s style above can also inspire your daily outfits. You can mix a simple white t-shirt and black pants with light-colored Converse shoes, and you’re ready! Another Converse shoe lover is telling us how to dress. Who thought a mix of a flannel shirt, dark jeans, and Converse shoes will give you a hot boyfriend look? Thanks, Suga!

An oversized Paranormal Activity orange sweater, shorts, black Birkenstock sandals, and a printed backpack will give you a casual look with a little of J-Hope’s playful touch!

This simple advice from Jung-kook will help: an oversized colored T-shirt, dark or black denim, plus a beanie.

Well, that was all about the K-Pop idols’ inspiring outfits. We hope they help you mix and match your outfits! So, which one of these idols’ styles of choice is your favorite? If you have another recommendation in mind, kindly share it with us in the comment section below!