Smoker or Not? Here K-Pop Idols Who Were Caught Having A Smoke

6. TVXQ’s Yunho

A blurry fan photo caught Yunho walking with a cigarette in his hand. He was on a break during the filming on “The Night Watchman’s Journal“.


7. PSY

PSY is the second oldest artist to debut in YG Entertainment. Senior to all new generations, he knew better for ‘following the rules’.


8. Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun is not a stranger to cigarettes anymore. He casually smoked while talking on the phone. He even admitted that he “smokes half a pack of cigarettes” per day!


9. Hong Jong Hyun

The sight of smoking was unfortunately turned beautiful by Hong Jong Hyun. However, you should not be encouraged by this! Just enjoy his beauty.


10. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho was caught smoking in a corner during a break from CF shooting.


List of Female K-Pop Idol Smokers

1. 2NE1’s Park Bom and CL

Netizens were stirred by the emerging photo of CL smoking. It was not actually a cigarette, but a hookah. Unfortunately, it is still considered smoking. As for Bom, there may not be photo evidence of her, but rumors are strong on the affirmative side.

2. AOA’s Hye Jung

You may believe that this is just a normal gesture. Unfortunately, many have debated that a non-smoker would not gesture like this. Either way, we can only wish her good health.

3. F(x)’s Amber

The 24-year-old idol was enjoying a night out with her friends when she was caught smoking an electronic cigarette. Fans were not having it stating that she should’ve been maintaining her image better since she’s a member of a girl-group. Others defended saying that she’s old enough and it shouldn’t be a relevant point on Amber’s idol status.

Netizen React To Their Idols Who Were Caught Smoking

We know that smoking is not well-viewed in Korea. Obviously there have been great debates regarding idols who smoke. Many people highlight their concern simply upon the fact that these people are supposed to be a good example for their fans and others. While it may be true that idols are public figures, their actions are still their own choice. So far, the ones caught smoking are already the legal age to smoke and drink. That is why some people point out the hypocrisy where it is acceptable for idols to drink so much but it is disgusting for them to smoke solely because there is a strong culture of drinking in Korea.

“People seem to forget that idols are people and adults (unlike you, kiddo) who can make their own life choices.”

“Smoking is frowned upon in Korea for women and usually they’ll smoke in public toilets or in private if they do. So I highly doubt any female idol would openly admit and even if they were caught they’d deny it for the life of them.”

“Mm.. But she’s still an idol… and I’m CL’s fan but I’m honestly speechless.. She didn’t have to upload this picture but she did and now she’s getting hate for it.. It’s a blurry situation where she’s not right or wrong, but considering the fact that she’s an idol, it’s definitely wrong. Idols need to think twice before uploading things on SNS… So many fans are watching!!!”

“I don’t know why this is controversial when she’s an adult hahahaha”

What do you think about idols who smoke?