Smoker or Not? Here K-Pop Idols Who Were Caught Having A Smoke

Female and Male Korean Idols Who Were Caught Having a Cigarette in Their Hands

Cigarettes are bad for your health, yet still many are addicted to smoking as people tend to feel less stressed afterward. Maybe this is what prompts K-Pop idols to have a cigarette—alone or with fellow friends. Sadly, smoking is not well-viewed in Korea for anyone, let alone the idols. Even on broadcasts, cigarettes are censored. Smoking is usually done in a private space with only fellow members, а few crew members, or no one at all around them. Both male and female idols have had their fair share of being spotted or known for smoking. Who are these idols? We’ve listed them below for you!

List of Male K-Pop Idols as Smokers

Although South Korean Entertainment holds high expectations concerning how idols portray themselves in front of the camera, there are still some brazen enough to show their pleasures, including smoking in public.

Some male K-Pop stars have revealed in public that they have been into cigarettes or vapes. Let us take a closer look at these stars of male K-Pop who are actually smokers.

1. EXO Members Sehun, Tao, Kai, and D.O

Although many people believe that all members of EXO smoke, there have only been four members caught with cigarettes. Sehun and Tao were casually smoking one in a place that seemed to be a lounge.


Kai was reportedly caught smoking in between takes during their “Call Me Baby” music video shooting in England.

kai smoke

The next one is D.O; he was seen with a pack of cigarettes in a small goodie bag. It was unsure whether it was really his or if he was buying it for the others.

d.o smoke

d.o smoke

2. BIG BANG’s T.O.P and G-Dragon

While T.O.P was caught smoking during what looked like a shooting break, G-Dragon flaunted himself in style with his cigarette.


And G-Dragon also had cigarettes in his hand.

GDragon smoke

3. SHINee’s Onew

The oldest member, Onew, casually blew on his electric cigarette out in public.


4. B2ST’s GiKwang

Just like SHINee’s Taemin, B2ST’s GiKwang also decided that he would take some quiet me-time on his balcony where he was caught smoking.


5. B.A.P’s DaeHyun

DaeHyun posted a selfie on his SNS when a fan pointed out that he was carrying a cigarette box in his pocket.

DaeHyun smoke