10 Types of K-Pop Idol Diet Plan and Exercise (Workout) To Lose Their Weight


K-Pop idols’ diet plans and workout with before and after photos

Korea is known as a country that has ‘crazy’ trends, especially for K-Pop idols. For K-Pop idols, having a perfect body shape is one of their top priorities; some often do extreme diets to get the perfect body shape. You might be surprised by their diet plan to lose weight.

SISTAR’s Soyou’s diet plan and workout

SISTAR's Soyou's diet plan and workout

We often hear that before debuting as K-Pop idols, they had to undergo training for several years. Apart from being prepared with singing and dance training, trainees are also required to appear perfectly. One of the things that become a routine for trainees is to go on a diet. Here is the version of a diet plan and workout of Soyou, a 2nd-generation big girl group named SISTAR!

SISTAR’s Soyou before dieting

It is not common for K-Pop idols to share their exact weight before dieting to the public because it might cause some backlash towards themselves or even attract some hate comments. But assuming that she had lost around 15 kg in 3 months because of her diet and workout plan, her current weight is 49 kg, which means her previous weight was 65 kg.

SISTAR’s Soyou’s diet plan

SISTAR is known as a girl group whose members have a perfect body shape. But, they said it’s hard to get the perfect body shape. Before debut, they could only eat potatoes, boiled eggs, chicken breast, and other fruits or vegetables without rice. Soyou’s body is the one who attracted the most attention from netizens. She talked about her diet plan, “For breakfast, I eat one boiled potato, for lunch, I eat three boiled eggs and one slice of bread, and for dinner, I eat just three rolls of Kimbab.” And she lost around 15 kg in three months.

SISTAR’s Soyou’s workout and exercise

SISTAR's Soyou's workout and exercise

She is known for her workout plan; she tried many techniques to lose weight. She woke up in the morning and did yoga until she fell asleep. After that, she spent about 2 hours in the gym and then trained her vocal and dance technique. It didn’t stop there; Soyou said she was still doing some light exercise after training. She stated that she did weight training, cardio, and repeatedly running every day. It is hard and painful, but she had to do that to get her ideal figure. Because of her effort, she is known for her good figure among K-Pop idols during SISTAR’s promotion.

SISTAR’s Soyou after dieting

SISTAR’s Dasom’s diet plan and workout

SISTAR's Dasom's diet plan and workout

SISTAR’s Dasom has been recognized as an idol with one of the sexiest and healthiest bodies. But the attention she is receiving did not come easy as she had to go through tough dieting with exercise and counting calories. She had to experience a strict diet and exercise for her good figure. Here is SISTAR’s Dasom diet plan and workout that you should check out!

SISTAR’s Dasom before dieting

There is not enough information about her exact weight before she started her diet and workout. But according to her recent weight, which is 44 kg, she lost 7 kg with her diet and workout plan, which means she used to be 51 kg. She is still actually considered underweight with her before-diet weight because of her height. With that fact, she actually needs to gain weight rather than lose.

SISTAR’s Dasom’s diet plan

The youngest SISTAR member, Dasom, is one who has attracted the attention of netizens too. Since their debut until now, she has experienced a very rapid body change. She lost around 7 kg in a relatively short amount of time. Her diet recipe is only to eat rabbit’s food, which means she only ate cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, and fruits that measured out to be around 290 calories. She also ate brown rice and organic bread.

SISTAR’s Dasom’s workout and exercise

SISTAR's Dasom's workout and exercise

Dasom has been deemed as one of the K-pop idols with the best body ever. Along with this fact, it was revealed that Dasom has her own secret for her good figure. During an episode of the South Korean variety program I Live Alone, it could be seen that she hit the gym after eating breakfast and completed high-intensity exercises with her personal trainer. Dasom showed that she successfully did deadlifts up to 50 kg in weight, with a perfect posture. She continued her workout session by doing strength training without rest, proving that she puts in a lot of effort to maintain her figure.

SISTAR’s Dasom after dieting

After she followed the process of her diet and workout plan, she was able to lose weight by 7 kg during one of SISTAR’s comeback. You can see from the photo above how beautiful her body shape is during SISTAR’s promotion. It is all because of her effort and persistence to achieve it. Even now, after SISTAR’s disbandment, she still maintains a good workout and diet plan to maintain her perfect body shape.

SECRET’s Hyosung’s diet plan and workout

SECRET's Hyosung's diet plan and workout

Jun Hyosung, a former member of SECRET, is an icon for her unbelievable physique! But her beautiful body shape did not come for free, so to speak; she had to try various methods to achieve the result she wanted and then maintain it. As many wondered what kind of exercise and dietary lifestyle she leads to maintain her body, here is SECRET’s Hyosung’s diet and workout plan that you should check out!

SECRET’s Hyosung before dieting

In her social media account, she revealed that her original weight was 53 kg during her trainee days. Hyosung revealed that she was shocked after seeing the other trainees’ physique and decided to diet. She controlled her intake, sleep schedule, and workout. As a result of her efforts, Hyoseong managed to lose around 8 kg in the span of 10 months. She said that she dropped from 53 kilograms to 45 kilograms.

SECRET’s Hyosung’s diet plan

SECRET’s leader Hyosung’s body is in the top 20 Korean List. She revealed her secret to getting a perfect body shape, her diet plan is only eating tofu salad for every meal, and she can’t eat rice although she wants to at least once a day. Before that, she only ate one banana in the morning, two boiled eggs in the afternoon, and one soy milk in the evening.

SECRET’s Hyosung’s workout and exercise

SECRET's Hyosung's workout and exercise

She revealed her workout and exercise routine in various articles and interviews. She said that the key to her weight loss consisted of a healthy balance of exercise and diet restrictions. In terms of exercise, doing several sports types is more effective than doing one type repeatedly. She stated that if you repeat the same thing, you don’t lose weight. These days, she has been focusing on tennis and pilates. She also takes public transportation to walk more and burn more calories since she does not have much time to do cardio exercises.

SECRET’s Hyosung after dieting

The result was pretty incredible; she could lose so much weight in a short time back then. As she becomes more mature and understands her body condition, she focuses on strengthening her muscle mass rather than how much weight she lost. A strong muscle mass could help you daily, it makes your body feel fresher, and you don’t get tired easily.

Kang So-ra’s diet plan and workout

Kang So-ra's diet plan and workout

As an actress, Kang So-ra is famous not only for being good at acting. The actress in the drama Revolutionary Love is also known for having a slender body. But did you know, a disciplined diet program obtains kang So-ra’s slender body? If you didn’t already know, it is okay; we are here to provide you with Kang So-ra’s workout and diet plan.

Kang So-ra before dieting

Before the diet, it was reported that she weighed 72 kg in her school days. Like any other K-Pop idol or just a decent human being worldwide, the key to her weight loss process was a healthy diet by including exercise and adjusting the diet. She could lose more than 20 kg, and all that was done in just a year.

Kang So-ra’s diet plan

Hyunbin’s ex-girlfriend Kang So-ra weighed 72 kg when in high school. In her pursuit of a perfect body shape, she decided to start a strict diet, which made her body as sexy and elegant as it is now. She revealed her diet recipe on Instagram that she only ate grapes, strawberries, and broccoli for lunch. Netizens were amazed by the diet that Kang So-ra did that changed her body into sexy and elegant. One of them even commented, “Skinny people never feel that way. Kang So-ra, you’re really great!!”

Kang So-ra’s workout and exercise

Kang So-ra's workout and exercise

Kang Sora’s body type is such that she can build muscle mass really fast when exercising weightlifting, so for sports, she chooses sports that do not increase her muscles, such as ballet and pilates, which is said to help her with muscle toning. She combines ballet and pilates with cardio and weight training to form an S (S-line) silhouette on the body. She does all of that exercise routine regularly to maintain her good figure because if she is doing it half-heartedly, the result is not going out the way she wants it. So, it is all about persistence and will.

Kang So-ra after dieting

The result of her diet and workout routine is gonna shock you. It was reported that Kang Sora went from 72 kg to 48 kg within a year. If you count it, she lost 24 kg thanks to the diet and workout routine. She is still doing her diet and workout routine but not as much as she used to be. Her focus now is just to be healthy.

MISS A’s Suzy’s diet plan and workout

MISS A's Suzy's diet plan and workout

Worldwide K-Pop star and Hallyu actress Suzy, the former JYP girl group MISS A, is here with her diet and workout plan. Her diet and workout plan is one of the most popular among other South Korean artists. To maintain her body in excellent shape, she needs to keep up her diet and exercise at the gym while keeping up with her tight schedule every day. What is the secret behind her good body shape?

MISS A’s Suzy before dieting


There is not much information about her exact weight before she started dieting. But if you look at other people’s experience copying Suzy’s diet and workout plan, they can lose up to 28 pounds in just 21 days. It is a big number considering they just do it in less than a month. You can see from the picture above how MISS A’s Suzy used to look.

MISS A’s Suzy’s diet plan

The youngest member and Lee Min-ho’s girlfriend, Suzy, did an extreme diet. For breakfast, she would only have one potato; for lunch, she would have boiled chicken breast, and for dinner, she would only drink two glasses of milk. In three months, she lost 20 kg. She never imagined doing a diet as extreme as this, but the K-Net always commented about her body when she was on the stage or filming a drama, namely that her body is too fat.

MISS A’s Suzy’s workout and exercise

MISS A's Suzy's workout and exercise

There is not enough information about her exercise tips. But during an interview, Suzy revealed that she had done a penguin dance as an exercise for stretching her elbows while going through her daily schedule. Other than that, she mostly focuses more on her diet rather than workout or exercise. Because of her hectic schedule, she finds it hard to do a workout in between those schedules. And she may already run out of energy because of the schedule at the end of the day. So, she sticks more to her diet plan, which keeps her healthy, glowing all the time.

MISS A’s Suzy after dieting

After dieting, people started to recognize the change and praised her new look. She looks thinner and smaller. Her current weight is 47 kg, thanks to her immense efforts, but it is actually considered underweight because of her tall figure; she should be around 50 kg or more according to the ideal measurements. But she still does what she needs to do as a public figure, so let’s just support her unconditionally!