Difference Between K-Pop Generations Through the Years: Which One is Your Favorite?

1st Generation

1. Seo Taiji and Boys – “I Know”

This song was quite a hit for the K-Pop industry. Especially with the rap touch to color the song. Everyone sure does love this song because it has an old school vibe to it that you can just dance to.


2. H.O.T – “Candy” (1996)

H.O.T is also considered to be a pioneer of K-Pop and their music mainly targeted teenage audiences. Basically inventing the trending hits, “Candy” is one of their many successful songs. This is their second single and was a cheerful bubblegum pop song that established H.O.T’s popularity.


3. S.E.S – “Show Me Your Love”

This song still gives you fresh vibes when you listen to it!


4. Sechskies


2nd Generation

1. Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – “Gee”

“Gee gee gee gee, baby baby,” who has never heard this iconic line? Cute and pretty girls dancing and bringing simple but catchy beats succeeded to steal the stage of the world entertainment industry back in 2009.


2. SHINee – “Ring Ding Dong”

The famous line “Ring ding dong ring ding dong ring” did swipe the Korean music at the time.


3. Super Junior – “Sorry Sorry”

Released first as a digital single and soon followed by an album of the same title and the music video released on March 12th, “Sorry, Sorry” succeeded in making the K-Pop revolution.


4. 2NE1 – “I Am The Best”

“I Am The Best” was banging the industry with their iconic line “bamratatata-tatatata.2NE1 was one of the hottest K-Pop girl groups that stole the world’s attention with the eccentric and brave theme they never failed in bringing the songs to the audiences.


5. Big Bang – “Fantastic Baby”

We are sure that Big Bang was literally a big bang to the industry. Everyone plays this song everywhere even to this day.


3rd Generation


1. EXO – “Growl”

The famous “na eureureong eureureong dae” hit the K-Pop music charts at the beginning of the third generation of K-Pop. “Growl” stole many hearts of the audiences with their manly dances and catchy beats, then their popularity started to rise.


2. BLACKPINK – “Ddu ddu ddu”

Watch out! BLACKPINK will hit you with the ddu ddu ddu! The songline that no one doesn’t know about, has brought these girls to the world’s fame. With the popularity that these girls have gained, BLACKPINK will remain known for a long time.


3. iKON – “Love Scenario”

“Sarangul haeta, uri ga mana~” Yeah, iKON! Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of that line?



TWICE succeeded in presenting their songs to the world along with their cute charms and colorful themes. What makes TWICE lovable is that they never fail to cheer the audiences with their playful songs and easy to sing lyrics. “Signal bonae, signal bonae, jjirit jjirit, jjirit jjirit~”


5. BTS – “Boys With Luv”

The seven lovely boys who succeeded in conquering multiple music charts, once again with one of their hit songs, have made new iconic melody to the K-Pop industry. Oh my my my!