From BLACKPINK’s Rose To WJSN’s Yeonjung; Here’s The List Of K-Pop Female Idols That Should’ve Get Their Solo Debut

K-Pop Idol Group Members With a Solo Project

Korean idol groups have been so popular in these past years that many entertainment companies have debuted either a boy band or a girl group. Moreover, if a member of a boy band or girl group proves to be exceptional and achieve great success and popularity, the company usually prepares solo projects for that particular member.

One such example is Jennie from Blackpink, who debuted as a solo artist in 2018 with the hit song titled “SOLO.” She’s also known as one of the most popular group members in Korea. But for today’s topic, we are going to talk about girl group members who should’ve gotten an official solo debut by now. Are you guys curious about who they are? Well then, without any further ado, let’s dive into our topic for today!


soloist blackpink rose

Blackpink’s main vocalist, Rose is very popular for her unique voice color. It was also allegedly reported long ago that she was supposed to have released her first-ever solo album, but up until now, there is no further information from YG Entertainment about her schedule. BLINKs (Blackpink’s fandom name) even keep asking the company about this matter, and we do hope that Rose will debut as a solo artist as soon as possible.

But why do we choose her as one of the most anticipated idols to get a solo debut? Just like we said before, she has a super unique voice. Imagine how good she is to nail a song by herself, she also has a good stage presence. So even though Rose would perform on the stage alone, she would still be able to color up the stage easily.

To prove that Rose is capable of being a great female solo artist, we will share some of her live solo performances during Blackpink’s concerts. Here is the compilation video for you guys!

2019 In Your Area @Melbourne – Coming Home

2019 In Your Area @Yahuoku Dome – Someone You Loved

2019 In Your Area @Seoul (Day 2) – Let It Be + YOU AND I + 나만 바라봐

Blackpink’s Japan Arena Tour 2018 @Fukuoka (Day 1) – Eyes Closed

Rose also has performed at King of Masked Singer with the song “If It Is You.” Let’s take a look at her performance, shall we!

During Blackpink’s appearance at Jinyoung Park’s Party People Ep. 4 back in 2017, Rose did a mini-performance with CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa. The two of them made a cover of a song titled “Officially Missing You,” Rose also plays guitar as well there!

Here is the performance video:

Here’s a compilation of Rose covering other artists’ songs. Check it out below!

Shawn Mendes – Fallin All in You


During her recent Instagram live, Rose and YG’s guitarist make covers of several songs. Here is the video recap for you guys:

EXID’s Solji

soloist exid solji

Because of her strong and beautiful voice, Solji was picked as EXID’s main vocalist. She has also done several OST project. Not only that, but Solji has also participated in several music reality shows.

But before we look at her activities during her EXID days, we will give you this beautiful solo song of Solji during her pre-debut days. So before debuting with EXID, she had already debuted as a member of the duo named 2NB. Here is the song:

The main vocalist of EXID also has filled so many OSTs in various K-Dramas. Here is a list of her OSTs!

Forest OST Part. 6 – Walking On This Street

Witch At Court OST Part. 1 – Leaning Against the Wind (바람에 기대)

Love With Flaws OST Part. 5 – Even Not Knowing If It Hurts

Perfume OST Part. 1 – 손 닿을 만큼

Solji recently released her solo song titled “Rains Again (오늘따라 비가 와서 그런가 봐)” on July 9th, 2020. Here is the official music video for you guys!

Solji opened her official YouTube account in 2019 and she mostly posts her song covers there. Here is one of her song covers of Frozen 2 – Into The Unknown.

As far as television shows are concerned, Solji has appeared in King of Masked Singer quite a few times. She also passed most of the stages there! Here is her performance compilation for you guys!

EXID’s Solji – Maria

EXID’s Solji – Don’t Touch Me

EXID’s Solji – The Reason I Became A Singer

EXID’s Solji – We Should’ve Been Friends

‘Dongmakgol Girl’ (Solji of EXID) – Sorry

‘Dongmakgol Girl’ (Solji of EXID) – How Do You Like

‘Dongmakgol Girl’ (Solji of EXID) – I Will Show You

‘Dongmakgol Girl’ (Solji of EXID) – Please (제발)

‘Dongmakgol Girl’ (Solji of EXID) – I Can’t (못해)

‘Dongmakgol Girl’ (Solji of EXID) – Father (아버지)

‘Dongmakgol Girl’ (Solji of EXID) – Dream Lover (몽중인)

Solji also appeared in Immortal Song, where super talented singers battle against each other with the highest point. Here is her performance compilation from the show!

Solji – As We Live (살다가)

Solji – Love Is Like a Rain Outside My Window (사랑은 창밖에 빗물 같아요)


Solji Feat. Iro – Breath (한숨)


Solji – You Like Me, I Like You (너 나 좋아해 나 너 좋아해)

Solji also appeared in a singing show titled Duet Song Festival. Here is her performance compilation, check it out below!

Solji Feat. Doo Jinsu Duet Compilation

West Sky (서쪽 하늘)

Goodbye For Now

Don’t Go, Don’t Leave

I Miss You (그리워그리워)

Solji – In Summer (여름 안에서)

Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon

soloist dreamcatcher siyeon

Dreamcatcher’s charismatic member that has a strong vocal ability, Siyeon never ceases to amaze her fans with her incredible voice. Siyeon regularly uploads her song covers on Happyface Entertainment’s official YouTube Channel, and here are some of the videos below!

Alan Walker – Faded [Cover]

[Special Clip] Siyeon – We All Lie (Sky Castle OST)

Siyeon – Speechless [Aladdin OST]

Here is Siyeon’s first-ever self-written lyrics, composition, and song arrangement song title “Paradise.” Check out the song below!

Siyeon – Paradise

Siyeon once appeared on tvN’s singing competition variety show titled V1. In the show, she did a cover song of EXO’s “Overdose” with a rock genre. Here is her powerful performance video for you guys!

Not only that, but she also covered two more songs there.

Siyeon – 서울의 달

Siyeon – 끝사랑

The main vocalist of Dreamcatcher once participated in MBC’s King of Masked Singer, she became the Doughnut masked girl there. For the song, Siyeon was against Cupcake girl with the song “Greatest Love Of All.”

Here are their performances!

But sadly, Siyeon was eliminated in the first round. Here is when she took off her mask and sung one last song in the show: