Make Your Makeup Perfect with There K-Pop Eyebrow Styles

K-Pop Idol Makeup

Are you a make-up enthusiast? If yes, then this article is for you! If not, well, this article is still for you. Make-up has become a necessity for both women and men. With make-up, your facial flaws can be covered and improved. Foundation, contour, and concealer are make-up enthusiasts’ best friends! They are the most important basic needs. After putting on the basics, you will move on to your eyes and lips. The one important part of your eyes that you should never ever forget is your eyebrows. Your eyebrows play a pivotal part in your facial beauty. They may only be strands of hair lining to the sides together, but your face would look different accordingly to how you draw your eyebrows.

Here we will specifically discuss about Korean eyebrows. Most girls in Korea have different eyebrows shape than the ones you often see on Western girls, like in the US or Europe. How do they differ? Read below to find out more!

Korean Eyebrows VS American Eyebrows

We often put on our make-up with a final look in mind. Do we want to look young and sweet? Or do we want to look mature and bold? Aside from the color scheme that you use, the shape of your eyebrows can also support your final look. In Korea, women want to look younger, giving off a fresh vibe from her appearance. Meanwhile in America, women want to look bold, a little bit sexy and mature mixed together. Therefore, the shape of these two eyebrow looks is different. Korean eyebrows are drawn straight and in tone with your hair color while American eyebrows are arched with ombre blend and extreme precision on the outer line. As you can see below, Korean eyebrows also give you a softer and younger look than American eyebrows. The arched American eyebrows give off a strong personality to your face, which is good but that is not the image K-Pop idols are often showcasing.

Some K-POP Idols With Arched Eyebrows

Even though it is not highly practiced in Korean make-up, some idols are still rocking arched eyebrows. Naturally, these idols possess a more mature and sexier look than those with straight eyebrows. Here are the 3 idols, who are known to be the epitome of sexiness, with their arched eyebrows:

1. Lee Hyori Arched Eyebrows

The original Sexy Queen of K-Pop, Lee Hyori, has always showcased a mature look. Her eyebrows have always been drawn arched for the longest time I could remember. The arched eyebrows certainly compliment her naturally smouldering eyes. Her sexiness level is honestly beyond measurement.

2. Hyuna Arched Eyebrows

Hyuna‘s image has never gone too far from “sexy”. Even during her Bubble Pop promotion, she gave the bubblegum pop song a touch of sexiness through her amazing dance and body language. Straight Korean eyebrows certainly do not suit her sexiness vibe at all. Arched eyebrows are certainly her go-to look.

3. Jessi Arched Eyebrows

Korean singer and rapper, Jessi, isn’t necessarily showing off a sexy vibe. She is definitely on the stronger side. However, Jessi’s make-up is not completely influenced by her vibes nor her music, but she has naturally been wearing American make-up as she was born and raised in New York.

Now that we’ve talked about the idols with arched eyebrows, let’s take a look on the hottest K-Pop idols who rock the Korean eyebrows and generally make the eyebrow look a huge trend!

Girls’ Generation Eyebrows (SNSD): ‘Gee’ and ‘Holiday’ Era

Girls’ Generation debuted in 2007. However, they only gained their fame with their comeback track, Gee, which was a hit in 2009. The girls instantly became the Nation’s Girl Group and their faces were the represented on many brands. Promoting a cute “girlfriend goal” image, Girls’ Generation’s make up was subtle, sweet and natural. Their eyebrows were mostly drawn straight although members like Hyoyeon, Jessica, and Seohyun had naturally arched eyebrows.

Years later, Girls’ Generation maintained the same image despite having a different approach. They have grown more mature by the promotion of Holiday yet kept the straight eyebrow trend. With such a highly popular group keeping the straight eyebrows look, many people are eager to have the exact same style for their make-up. Well, we can’t help it since the girls look wonderfully attractive with the eyebrows!

TWICE Tzuyu’s Eyebrows

In the year of 2015, JYP Entertainment debuted a 9-member girl group, TWICE. The group’s members were casted through a survival program known as SIXTEEN. Throughout the airing of the program until the debut day, one member has caught the attention of the nation with her natural beauty: Tzuyu. Her beauty stirs the heart of many and naturally, her make-up style is to die for! Since TWICE promotes cheerful image, the members’ eyebrows are drawn straight, including Tzuyu’s. Straight eyebrows emphasize youthfulness and being only 18 years old, Tzuyu has the ideal youthful look sought by Koreans.

So, if you want to look younger and fresher, you can give the Korean eyebrows a try on yourself! Click on the video below to get you started on the how-to!