List of Kpop Idol’s Diets: Dangerous or Healthy?

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From Girls’ Generation’s Diet to Dasom SISTAR’s Diet, Which One Is The Best?

Kpop idols are somehow always related to their looks or appearance. They need to be seen as slim to help their body look good on camera and in publicity.

Even for sure, some entertainment did make it a rule of thumb. Yes, to be an idol is complex, and the idols work hard for it. That’s why some diets come up to support their body to fit the criteria of idol or star. Do you support Kpop’s idol diet? Before that, let’s read what kind of Kpop diet it is on this Channel-Korea! Stay tuned.

Kpop Idols’ Extreme yet Effective Diets

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The Kpop idol’s diet becomes look extreme after all. Yet it has resulted effective since they succeed to stay slim along with their project or comeback. They did it to have a flat stomach, fit legs and arms, or even pointed faces. Check what diet they had below!

The Paper Cup Diet

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The paper cup diet is eating everything healthy food with only limited on the paper cup only. This diet did by girl group member Nine Muses. They practiced this diet to control the amount of food they eat and succeed in shaping. Do you think it’s a healthy diet?

The One Food Diet

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One food diet is a diet that is only eating one kind of food every day. Yes, it sounds easy, but in reality, it may be easily bored. Every day you only stick to one same food. It isn’t easy to handle; however, if you have good self-control, it may succeed.

The Banana Diet

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The banana diet is also quite simple. Kpop idol Seo In-young proved this method. She only eats a banana for breakfast and enjoys any foods on lunch and dinner.

She claimed that the banana diet made her face smaller and burn belly fats. This banana diet is also called a glamorous diet.

The Denmark Diet

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This is a diet with only eating high protein and low-calorie food and getting results for 13 days. Nicole KARA implemented this diet and lost weight until 3kg. So incredible!

The Lettuce Diet

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lettuce diet

The lettuce diet is also quite simple but difficult to imagine. Park Bom 2NE1 did this lettuce diet. She only eats lettuce in everyday life to get her body to stay slim and fit.

Lettuce is considered a great fiber that could trick the stomach into being full so that you could feel not hungry. What do you think?

The Watermelon Diet

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Watermelon diet might diet for someone who loves watermelon so much yet wanting to be slim. Again Park Bom 2NE1 also did this diet, and she only eats watermelon to lose her weight fast.

Watermelon has a lot of vitamins and could minimize the appetite. Do you think it’s healthy?

The Cucumber Diet

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The cucumber diet is also the same as others, yes, only consume cucumber. Dasom Sistar did this diet to lose 10 kg in 3 weeks only.

Cucumber has the same nutrients as watermelon. It has a lot of nutrients but low calories.

The Deadly Diet

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Wheesung did the deadly diet. He could able lose 7 kg in three weeks. This diet played on calories, so he only eats protein and vegetable that has low calories.

He could eat smoked chicken breast and salad on this diet. However, if he’s feeling hungry, he will eat almond, and he completes it by drinking vitamins and warm water.

The Lemon Detox Diet

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The lemon detox may be the extreme one. This diet has the purpose of cleansing the internal organs of our body. Lee Hyori tried it but gave up after three days. She drank a herbal drink infused with lemon. She couldn’t sleep and think about her favorite food on the fridge.

Do you think this is an extreme diet too?

The 1,500 Kcal Diet

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The phenomenal girl group, Girls’ Generation, or SNSD, was using this 1,500 Kcal diet for their slim body.

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The 1,500 Kcal Diet is a diet plan to limit their food to 1,500 Kcal such as 150 g brown rice100 g chicken breast, 5 pieces of broccoli, and 50 g herbs.

Kpop Diet Is Healthy or Dangerous?

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There is an expression saying ‘beautiful is pain’ that might be fit for this case. Kpop idols went on a journey of diet to reach the goals of their body. Although it’s hard, they are trying any possible way to lose their weight fit in the appearance of the public.

Some diets may still be considered rational, but some reach an extreme point close to dangerous. The diet methods may differ for everyone because our body is also different metabolism. Please contact the nutritionist or doctor to be able to get the proper condition to do diet or not.

That’s all about the Kpop diet. What do you think about this diet? Which one do you think is reasonable or dangerous?