K-Pop Bare Faced: How is AOA Seolhyun Without Makeup?

Seolhyun without Makeup in Bare Family


Bare Family is one of the variety shows in Korea where Seolhyun became one of the permanent members. Much happened involving Seolhyun at the Bare Family show.  Netizens especially talked about how Seolhyun never used makeup.

Seolhyun’s own face looks different when not using makeup; her face looks very round and her skin color a little dark. Netizens appreciate Seolhyun’s bravery for performing without using makeup in front of the camera but some netizens also find it strange to see Seolhyun looking that way.


On one episode, Seolhyun looks very strange. Some netizens don’t even recognize Seolhyun’s figure without makeup. During that episode, after Seolhyun wakes up and washes her face, it looks very swollen even under the eyes. Seolhyun told the media that while sleeping she was bitten by an ant, causing her face to become slightly swollen. Netizens who saw it immediately criticized that they could not recognize Seolhyun, and that she did look very strange.

Seolhyun, who knows about her face, responded immediately. Seolhyun’s response to the criticism was posted on a forum “I first got criticized for having dark skin so I decided to whiten my skin tone with make-up but they insulted me at the fact that I applied make up in white. I got criticized for this and that. I guess I just can not satisfy everyone.”

The comments rolled from there with people saying if she wants to look whiter she should be applying her makeup in a better way.


The South Korean star has now spoken in an interview on KBS 2TV about her humiliation around the face whitening criticism she received from her award ceremony photos.

“I think my insecurity is my dark skin. While trying to hide it, [my make up] became like that,” she told the TV show.

“Even before leaving for ‘Law of the Jungle’ I really worried a lot. I had bad memories from the last time I revealed [my dark skin], but I was having to [reveal my dark skin] just as they were going away.”

The stigma around skin color is rife in pop culture. Hopefully Seolhyun’s story will highlight the need for everyone to stop judging stars on the color of their skin.

Seolhyun Selfie without Makeup


Seolhyun is one of the AOA members who most often uploads selfie pictures of herself, even occasionally one without makeup. Netizens who saw her photo were mesmerized by the brightness and beauty of Seolhyun’s current face without makeup, the shining and bright skin clearly radiated on Seolhyun’s face. She was actually a visual, remarked some netizens.


One day, she uploaded her selfie photo and she wrote, “Hi everyone, this is Seolhyun, it has been a while? I really really miss all of you so much, here’s a new photo, Happy New Year and enjoy your Lunar New Year”. 

Some of netizen comment that she looks so pretty and gorgerous even without makeup, she really killed the photo with her bare face. So, do you think Seolhyun is pretty without makeup or with makeup? In fact, she really is the face of the group. Let’s give a lots of support and love for Kim Seolhyun!