K-Pop Bare Faced: How is AOA Seolhyun Without Makeup?


AOA Seolhyun Without Makeup

Makeup is a very important thing to support the appearance of Korean idols, whether women or men, makeup must always be there to support their appearance to be more beautiful or more handsome. But what if the Korean idol does not use makeup? Do they still look the same, or do they look much different than when they are using makeup?

The visual from AOA, Seolhyun, is famous for her beautiful and glowing face.  She even once entered into the prettiest idol ranks in Korea. However, Seolhyun is often seen not using makeup on certain occasions or she even deliberately shows her face without makeup in public. Some netizens are amazed with Seolhyun’s face without makeup, but some say that Seolhyun looks strange if not using makeup. Let’s take a look at this collection of Visual AOA photos without makeup.

Seolhyun without Makeup with AOA Members


In 2016, seven-member AOA girl group stole netizens’ attention. Not because of their achievements, but because of their celebration photos, which were the center of netizen’s attention because they all took pictures without using any makeup. Even without using makeup, all AOA members feel very confident and they all smile to the camera while posing cute. See AOA’s Main Dancer, Chanmi holding a cake.

Many netizens are mesmerized by their self-confessed photos without makeup. They all look beautiful and natural and even Mina looks like an innocent girl. However, some netizens also disliked their strange looks without makeup. Seolhyun, the visual from AOA, had a direct conversation netizen.

Seolhyun’s face and skin look dark, even the eye bags under Seolhyun’s eyes look very clear. Many netizens say they can not even recognize Seolhyun with such a face. Elvis (AOA fans’ name) defends their idol. That’s because the light factor is lacking because of Seolhyun’s position in the back, that’s why Seolhyun’s face looks a little dark.

What do you think seeing them without makeup? Especially Seolhyun? Do they still look pretty?

Seolhyun without Makeup in The Law of Jungle


The Law of Jungle is one of the Korean variety shows featuring guests who must survive for several days in a forest or island rarely visited by humans. The show has been airing since 2011 and has survived until now with Kim Byung Man as the host of the show. There have been many Korean idols ranging from actors, actresses, girl groups, and boy groups who participated in The Law of Jungle show.


For example Seolhyun, the visual of AOA, has been a guest guest on the episode of The Law of Jungle in Tonga with Seo Kang-joon (5urprise), Kim Seol-hyun (AOA), Lee Sung-jong (Infinite), Hong Yoon-Hwa, Jota (Madtown) Sandeul (B1A4), Jeon Hye-bin, and Hwang Chansung (2PM).


The Law of Jungle in Tonga is the episode with the highest rating up to over 20%, that is 21.1%. Netizens concluded that Seolhyun made the episode ratings high. Before The Law of Jungle only got 15% for the highest rating.

Seolhyun stole the audience’s attention with her action of setting up a tent under the hot sun on the Tonga beach. Located in the southern Pacific Ocean, the island has temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius at 10 am local time.

Another Seolhyun action that stole the audience’s attention was when she was able to hunt snails and learn snorkeling for the first time. Seo Kang Joong also gave her comment about the involvement of the AOA member. “Is there a Korean who does not like Seolhyun?” he said.


What’s more to steal the attention of netizens is the face of Seolhyun who does not use makeup. Seolhyun’s contorted face and smooth skin did not escape the conversation of netizens. Some netizens were even jealous about Seolhyun’s makeup-free face. Some netizens also said that Seolhyun looks very cute and innocent.

But the presence of Seolhyun actually got criticism from netizens. A number of Korean media outlets discuss details about the appearance of this AOA member in the Tongan episode. Unfortunately, because it was overdiscussed, netizens even felt bored about the appearance of Seolhyun. Some netizens even considered that Seolhyun did not do  anything important other than eating. Some netizens immediately sent criticism.

“Sorry if I say this, but she did nothing but eat.”

“Is Seolhyun’s ‘Laws of the Jungle’ episode still aired? Why does Laws the Jungle continue to discuss, Seolhyun like this, Seolhyun so.”

“It’s too much to dub a girl with average appearance (Seolhyun) as a goddess.”