Everything You Need to Know About Korea’s “Icon of Debt” – Lee Sang-min

Latest News About Lee Sang-min


Lee Sang-min shows his admiration and praise to MBN’s Voice Queen contestant, Jang Hani. In the previous episode, she sat at the last position but in a recent episode, she sang “To You” and amazed the audience with her incredible voice. The performance catapulted her from last to first position in an instance. Regarding her performance, Lee Sang-min, one of the judges on Voice Queen, said that nothing is impossible if we try our best. Miracles happen to those who work hard and pray, he captioned on his latest Instagram post. Lee Sang-min’s life story itself proves that miracles exist.

Lately, Lee Sang-min became a model for a hair loss shampoo commercial. Due to his popularity, the shampoo became No. 1 searched item in Korea’s most popular search engine.

Lee Sang-min successfully resurrected his career from the lowest point possible to the current position. He has a regular appearance in various Korean variety shows and his popularity isn’t declining anytime soon. Let’s wish him a successful career so that we can enjoy his appearances in variety shows.

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