Learn More About Korean Singer Tei: Full Profile, Discography, and Dating Rumors with Na Yoon-kwon


Get to Know More About Korean Talented Singer, Tei

He is known by the name Tei that consists of “Te” and “i.” The “Te” derives from the French word for “you,” and if we combine it with the word “i” it would mean “a wish for people to get closer through music.”

While in high school he was having a weekly performance with his underground band, where he was a singer and was playing the guitar. And due to his singing abilities, he became known as Mr. Big in the school. When Tei was ready to go to the university, his attractive vocal and composing talent became recognized, which made one the most popular record companies, namely JYP Entertainment, to extend an invite to Tei for an audition.

After attending the audition, he became a trainee at the company and debuted three years later, in 2004, with the album titled The First Journey. It is important to know that before gaining popularity as a singer, Tei wanted to become an architect, and even enrolled in Gyeng Nam University in order to achieve his dream.

Before discussing details about him, let’s take a look at his short biography:

Tei’s Profile

tei korean singer

Birth Name: Kim Hyo-kyung
Place and Date of Birth: Ulsan, April 4th, 1983
Occupation: Singer, Actor, and DJ
Genres: K-pop and Ballad
Label: HS Entertainment
Hobbies: Composing, Writing, and Watching movies
Height: 181 cm (5’9)
Weight: 68 kg
Blood Type: A

Tei and Rumors About his Dating Life


On June 17th, 2011, Tei appeared in the MBC variety show titled Mi In Do where he confessed that he had a secret relationship during the promotion of his first album back in 2004. Although he had previously said that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, it turns out that Tei was in fact in a relationship with his first love.

His girlfriend, who was living in Ulsan at the time of his debut, he really missed on a daily basis, so he would buy a flight ticket to Ulsan after completing his schedule for the day to meet up with her. Sometimes he would also make a surprise visit to the convenience store where she was working part-time, and she would burst into tears of happiness because she can finally meet Tei. Oh – how romantic he is, right yeorobun?

The Scandal Between Tei and Na Yoon-kwon: What is it About?


In the past, Tei had been flooded by a rumor regarding his sexual orientation, which made many people shocked about it. Then on February 10th, 2012, he was a guest on Live Today Morning. In the show, he makes a clarification and puts an end to the rumors, by stating, ” I don’t drink or smoke, but I have hung out with my guy friends drinking coffee. We have also been watching movies together for many years now, which is why I think the rumors started. I’m definitely not gay.”

Tei also opened up about his close friendship with other male celebrities, which additionally caused another rumor to spring, and one of them was Na Yoon-kwon. The two of them had been suspected of dating. Tei then explained, “I scheduled a trip to Thailand with my friends, but Na Yook-kwon was the only one who could fit into this schedule, so we went together.”

“I already had a gay rumor floating around and after I went on a trip with a guy, it blew up into a dating scandal.” He lightened the mood by saying “I go crazy for girls,” and caused all the people to laugh by his words.

In 2016 he attended a show called Duet Festival that was aired on June 17th. There Tei and his fellow male singer Na Yoo-kwon talked and made a clarification about their past dating rumors. The MC asked, “Is it true that the two of you guys were involved in a dating scandal?”


“It seems weird, but we have traveled to Thailand together.” Na Yook-kwon gave his explanation. Then, the MC asked both of them jokingly, “What does Na Yook-kwon mean to Tei?” To that, Tei gives back an amusing response, “We are in a good oppa/dongsaeng relationship,” while laughing.

Here are a few cute and funny videos for you guys illustrating the close relationship between Tei and Na Yook-kwon as hyung and dongsaeng. Check it out below yeorobun!