The Sensational Korean Makeup Artist Pony Is Getting Married! Who’s Her Husband?


Get to Know Korean Makeup Artist Pony

For those who haven’t heard Pony yet, Pony is a makeup artist and influencer from South Korea. She became well-known after uploading a lot of makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel, PONY Syndrome. She already has almost 4.8 million subscribers on YouTube channel.

Her talent for doing makeup has never failed and is always amazing. Once, she was even the makeup artist for 2NE1’s CL. Not only is she a makeup artist and influencer, Pony also acts as a brand ambassador for skincare and makeup products, and is also collaborating with one brand to launch her own line of makeup.

Pony’s had some other happy news recently, too! Who’s excited? In this article, Channel Korea will tell you about the beautiful Pony and the latest news about her wedding!

Pony Is Getting Married Soon!


Through her Instagram account, @ponysmakeup, she surprised all of her fans, especially those 6M followers on Instagram, with the news that she’s getting married! Some sources have said that Pony and her husband-to-bee have been dating for 10 years, and most of the sources agreed that the couple has been together since high school.


Pony made her announcement through an Instagram caption. She posted a picture of herself, wearing a beautiful wedding dress and holding a pot of flowers. The caption on the picture said,

Hi, it’s Pony. I have exciting news for everyone! In May, on a beautiful spring day, I will be getting married to someone I shared the last ten years of my life with. For the past year I haven’t been the best at uploading videos because I’ve been preparing for this special moment in my life. I’ll be back in full blast in June! Thank you for your unconditional support. Please continue to give us your blessings and love. – PONY“.

This is might be one of the happiest pieces news for everyone who hears it, especially Pony fans. Even though Pony didn’t start her career as a celebrity, most Korean women admired her a lot. The guy who ‘s going to spend the rest of his life with her must be really thankful to stay with Pony forever!

Sources close to the couple revealed that their wedding bands are styled like One Ring, from Lord of The Rings. Wow, that’s really splendid!

Who Is Pony’s Husband?

Pony's husband

There’s not a lot of information out there about Pony’s husband. There’s only one picture of Pony with her husband out there, and it looks like it may be from a couple of years ago. An Instagram account named @vivus_vici, once shared his picture with Pony. On his picture, there’s a caption where he explains that he was Pony’s boyfriend, and they had already been dating for 8 years at that time. And also, Pony just started following @vivus_vici account.

Pony's husband

It was also revealed at the time Pony’s Instagram account was about to get 1M followers. We can conclude that they really have been dating for 10 years, and he was already staying with Pony, even before she started to get famous.

Well, we’re happy for both of them! Hopefully, the love and the happiness will stay with them, and they’re live happily for the rest of their lives!