Find Out More About South Korean Gag Man, Jo Se-ho’s Full Profile, Variety Shows, Weight Loss, And Latest News

Meet Funnyman Cabbage Guy, Jo Se Ho

Jo Se-ho is a regular cast member in many popular variety shows. He started as a regular comedian, and slowly gained popularity as a cast member in popular variety shows. His funny comments and cute, chubby face became a regular addition in TV programs

In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about funnyman Jo Se-ho, so stay tuned!

Full Profile

Name                 : Jo Se-ho

Date of Birth       : August 9th, 1982

Place of Birth      : Seoul, Korea

Height                : 172 cm

Weight               : 82 kg

Blood type          : O

Management      : A9Media

Education           : Yewon School of Arts, Department of Comedy

Instagram          : chosaeho

Twitter               : @leosaeho89

Fun Facts

  • He debuted as a comedian on SBS 6 Gag Concert recruitment
  • His comedian nickname is Cabbage.
  • Jo Se-ho had a crush on the After School member, Nana, during the airing of Roommate.
  • Jo Se-ho shed more than 9 kg after being part of the cast in On Style’s My Bodyguard.
  • He is the favorite junior of popular TV host Kim Gu-ra.


Music Videos

Year Title Artists
2004 Sorry My Friend Old Boy
2004 Women with Beautiful Mind Chunja
2016 Apple Pie Fiestar
2017 Hot Sugar Turbo

TV Series

Year Title Role Note
2013 My Love from the Star Cheol-soo
2014 The Master’s Sun Couple man



Year Title Role Note
2009 The Weird Missing Case of Mr. J Cheol-soo


Variety Shows

Year Title Network Role Note
2014–2015 Roommate SBS Cast member with Park Chan Yeol, Shin Sung Woo, Park Min Woo, Hong Soo Hyun, Nana, Park Bom, Song Ga Yeon, Lee Dong Wook, and Lee So Ra
2014–present Happy Together (S 3, 4) KBS2 Host Episodes 358–present
2015–present Bachelor Party Himself
2016 We Got Married MBC Cast member Paired with Fiestar’s Cao Lu (Episodes 311–314, 316–340)
Infinite Challenge MBC Guest Episodes 466–468, 482
Running Man SBS Guest Episode 305
Sister’s Slam Dunk KBS2 Guest Episode 2
Battle Trip KBS2 Contestant with Lee Hwi-jae and Nam Chang-hee (Episodes 17–18)
2016–2017 Flower Crew SBS Cast member
2017 Law of the Jungle in Sumatra SBS Cast member Episodes 256–261
Please Take Care of My Refrigerator JTBC Guest Episodes 122–123
Living Together in Empty Room MBC Cast member with Yoni P, Steve J and Block B’s P. O (Episodes 4–8)
with Sandara Park & Block B’s P. O (Episodes 12–18, 20–)
Running Man SBS Guest Episodes 360–361, 367–368, 374–375
Battle Trip KBS2 Contestant with Nam Chang-hee (Episodes 68–69)
2018 Infinite Challenge MBC Cast member Episodes 552–563
Running Man SBS Guest Episode 397
Where on Earth?? KBS2 Cast Member Episodes 1 – 12
Carefree Travellers JTBC Guest Episodes 78 – 81
Salty Tour tvN Guest Episodes 36-40
You Quiz on the Block tvN Cast Member Episodes 1 – 12
2018–2019 Chart & Go JTBC Host Episodes 1 – 15
2019–present Weekly Idol MBC Every 1 Host Episodes 388 – present
You Quiz on the Block S2 tvN Cast Member Episodes 1 – present


We Got Married with FIESTAR’s Cao Lu

We Got Married Season 4 cast new couple, Jo Se-ho and Fiestar’s Cao Lu, as their new celebrity couple in March 2016. WGM fans welcomed the new couple with varied reactions. Some of them were excited and wished the couple could bring fun like Taeyeon and comedian Jung Hyung-don couple. Perhaps the WGM staff decided to select a comedian couple to imitate another popular comedian couple, Kim Sook and Yoon Jung-soo.

On September 24, 2016, Jo Se-ho and Cao-lu ended their fake marriage on We Got Married Season 4. Both of them went on a romantic date and shared their feelings to each other. Both of them enjoyed good memories, and neither of them could hide their tears when saying their final goodbye. Cao Lu said that she would gladly date Jo se-ho in real life.

Cast of SBS’s Roommate

Jo Se-ho joined the original cast members of SBS’s Roommate in May 2014. Roommate featured Korean celebrities living together in a shared house in Seoul. All the male and female cast members shared the living room, kitchen, and washroom, divided household chores, and interacted socially with each other. He joined other cast members like model Lee So-ra, former 2NE1 member Park Bom, and actor Lee Dong-wook.

On an appearance in MBC’s Radio Star, Jo Se-ho shared his close relationship with Roommate’s Lee Dong-wook. Lee Dong-wook’s popularity surged through the popularity of super-hit drama Goblin.

On one of Roommate episodes, Jo Se-ho tried to imitate BigBang’s Taeyang. All the other cast members laughed at his entrance into the living room. Though he didn’t look like Taeyang, Jo Se-ho tried his best to dance and imitate Taeyang’s choreography

On another episode, Jo Se-ho and Nana traveled in his car. While they were driving, Jo Se-ho urged Nana to sing along with him. At first she disagreed with him when she found out that he chose Jung Gi-go’s song Some. However, she changed her mind and sang along with Jo Se-ho.

Weight Loss Journey

Jo Se-ho joined the cast of On Style’s My Bodyguard, a variety TV program that was aired from April 28th to June 30th, 2016. The program challenged cast members to make a proportional body within only 12 weeks. Other cast members on the show were Lee Dong-wook, Jo Yoon-hee, and Park Na-rae.

Jo Se-ho was given a challenge to reduce his weight as much as 10 kg within the 12 weeks of airing the show. In the middle of the challenge, on the 7th week, Jo Se-ho tried to find out his weight. It turned out that he had lost 9.2 kg in 7 weeks. At the start of the program, his weight was 87.3 kg, while during the 7th week, his weight was 78.1 kg. His face became narrower; he lost much of his cheek fat and he looked more masculine. However, he added that he did not feel satisfied and he would try to shed more weight. Comedienne Park Na-rae commented “Now, Jo Se-ho’s neck is visible”. Actress Jo Yoon-hee commented that Jo Se-ho became more handsome than usual.

Latest News

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Jo Se-ho posted a picture of his head on top of dirt in an attempt to imitate a cabbage. He captioned cabbage farming on the post. In Korean comedy entertainment, his nickname is Cabbage.

Jo Se-ho and Yoo Jae-suk are set to appear in the fourth season of tvN You Quiz on the Block. The program is scheduled to be aired starting on March 11th, 2020. The duo travels to various places in Korea and gives quizzes to local citizens. Whoever manages to answer the questions will be awarded 1 million won in prize money.

On January 8th, 2020, Jo Se-ho uploaded group pictures of him and other former cast of SBS’s Roommate Season 1. Familiar faces on the post were Lee Dong-wook, After School’s Nana, and G.O.D’s Park Joon-Hyung.

That was all the information about Jo Se-ho. Let’s wish his participation in variety shows could lead to more laughter and more entertaining segments. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comments below!