Check Out The List Of Korean Female Singers Who Are Reportedly Dating And The Latest Updates About Their Relationships

Find Out More About Famous Korean Singers And Their Relationships From The Past Until The Present!

Do you know that the life of an idol or singer from South Korea is not always about career and entertainment? Most of them also have personal lives that do not want to be highlighted by the media because they want to be happy in their lives with loved ones or family.

These idols and singers also find their happiness by finding a life partner or starting their special relationship with someone they feel is suitable as a boyfriend. As usual, these idols and singers have reportedly already had a partner and are dating in public.

Even though they have kept their special relationship a secret, many of them have been confirmed as having gone through a relationship with a special someone, and some of them are still dating today. However, there are also some who have ended their relationship with their special someone.

Are you curious to find out which female singers have already been in a relationship? Let’s find out all the details in the article that follows. So stay tuned and keep scrolling down.

IU & Jang Ki-ha

Many of you probably already know who IU is; a singer from South Korea who is famous for her very distinctive voice and stunning visual, she has been reported of dating a celebrity. The singer who released the song “Through The Night” (2017) turned out to have been dating actor Jang Ki-ha who also works as a radio host.

News of IU and Jang Ki-ha’s date appeared unexpectedly in 2015. Previously, IU had never been involved in any dating scandal. That’s what made everyone surprised when they find out about their relationship. In addition, the two are known to have an age gap of 11 years which adds to the surprise of fans.

IU’s agency, LOEN Entertainment stated, the two started dating after developing deeper feelings for each other when discussing music as colleagues two years ago. Loen Entertainment also asked the public to continue to support this couple, so they can still develop their respective musical careers.

IU revealed that they had been dating for two years. “We’ve been together for two years. I learned a lot from him, and we are dating like other normal couples. I’m sure you’re surprised by this news, I’m sorry for not telling you before,” IU said on her fan page account.

Jang Ki-ha also talked about how they met by posting a message on his fan café. “Hello. This is Jang Ki-ha. I write this because personally, I want to tell you about the news that emerged between me and IU. Our relationship is good. I met IU for the first time when she came as a guest on the radio in October 2013. After talking, I realized that she was a very charming girl. When I thought about the first time we met, it turned out that IU also thought the same thing about me. IU is a very valuable person to me.”

Luckily, fans are also very supportive of their relationship. But unfortunately, after dating for more than 3 years IU and Jang Ki-ha reportedly separated in January 2017 because they were busy working.

As reported from Yimbada, a source from their agency shared the reason for IU and Jang Ki-ha’s break-up. “IU and Chang Ki-ha decided to become a brother and a sister. This is the best for them,” said a source. There were several times, IU and Jang Ki-ha’s relationship was like a roller coaster. In fact, the two had broken up and then got back together again. Until finally, the two of them decided to split up for good.

However, there are speculations by some stating that IU and Jang Ki-ha split because of a third person. He is Lee Jun-ki, IU’s co-star playing opposite her in the movie Scarlet Heart. Even before IU and Lee Jun Ki had the chance to finish their acting in Scarlet Heart, their intimate relationship had become known to the world. Lee Jun-ki even came a special guest at IU’s special concert.

Lee Jun-ki even hugged IU very tightly on the stage. Lee Jun-ki also praised IU, calling her a beautiful and talented artist. “I will not be able to reject you. When I heard the news about your appearance, I immediately agreed. Being backstage made me dissatisfied. I want to watch you up close,” said Lee Jun-ki while recounting the IU concert.

Gummy & Jo Jung-suk

Jo Jung-suk and Gummy began a love affair in 2013 which started becoming publicly known two years into the relationship, which is in 2015. On February 2nd, 2015, a Korean media mentioned that Jo Jung-suk and Gummy were dating. This immediately received a response from the agencies of Jo Jung-suk and Gummy, respectively, to eventually confirm the news.

Jo Jung Suk and Gummy have been one of those Korean celebrity couples that have been very successful in keeping their private relationship away from the eyes of the general public and rarely have been exposed in the media. However, even the news about their break-up managed to find its way in the media outlets. Nevertheless, it would seem that Jo Jung Suk and Gummy are, in fact, still dating.

In an interview, Jo Jung-suk explained why the relationship was rarely exposed, because in an interview when asked about a partner he was afraid that what he said might be misunderstood by journalists and the public. It can be burdensome and difficult.

After starring in the K-Drama Two Cops, Jo Jung-suk managed to get an award in the category for Male High Excellence at the 2017 MBC Drama Awards. In his victory speech, he did not forget to mention the name Gummy, thus making the public aware that the relationship between the two is fine.

After the event, Jo Jung-suk explained the reason why he mentioned her name, because Jo Jung-suk was grateful that Gummy was a big fan of his drama. Jo Jung-suk also explained that when he was filming the K-Drama Two Cops, she didn’t have enough time to really see it or even talk to him.

After 5 years of dating, Jo Jung-suk finally told fans about the happy news that he was going to get married to his partner, Gummy. Both also confirmed without intermediaries through the letter he wrote and posted on their respective fan café sites.

On June 22nd, 2018, Jo Jung-suk wrote first in the fan café. At the beginning of his letter, he apologized because his fans found out about the news of his wedding plans with Gummy through the article, not from himself. Jo Jung-suk also confirmed the truth of the news.

“We decided to get married because we both are a great source of energy for each other, and she (Gummy) is someone who will encourage and support me to be a better person in the future. I am sure you were shocked by the sudden news, but I hope you will support us to live a good life and celebrate this moment with us.”

– Jo Jung-suk

On the same day, Gummy also confirmed the news with a letter posted on her fan café. At the beginning of the letter, she explained why she did not immediately write a letter to confirm the news of her upcoming marriage, because she was very careful in the choice of words in her letter.

Gummy confirmed that she would soon marry Jo Jung-suk and mentioned that Jo Jung-suk was the right choice.

“He (Jo Jung-suk) is someone who has given me a lot of comfort and strength for a long time, and someone who has taught me many things. I am very grateful to have met such a great person. And I believe it’s all thanks to the sincere support you guys give us.”

– Gummy

Gummy and Jo Jung-suk finally got married on October 8th, 2018. They bound the sacred promise after dating for five years. The reason why Gummy and Jo Jung-suk didn’t want to have a wedding Gummy explained was that she didn’t want to do it and didn’t know who to invite and who not to.