Seven Reasons Why You Should Watch the Korean Drama ‘Whisper’!


Lee Bo-young and Lee Sang-yoon Reunited in the Drama Whisper

Whisper is the drama that reunited actress Lee Bo-young and actor Lee Sang-Yoon after their previous work together in My Daughter, Seoyoung in 2012. Lee Bo-young shared her feelings about working with Lee Sang-yoon again after 5 years by saying, “I’m very happy to be able to work with him again. Personally, I like him as a workmate, because he’s very fun.” Lee Sang-yoon also confessed why he accept the role. He said, “When I knew that I’d be partnered with Lee Bo-young again, I instantly agreed.”

Whisper: A Drama About a Law Firm’s Intrigue


Title: Whisper (귓속말)

Network: SBS

Writer: Park Kyung-soo

Director: Lee Myoung-woo

Genre: Legal Thriller, Political, Romance

Number of Episodes: 17

Aired: March 27th – May 23rd, 2017

Shin Young-joo is a female section chief police officer who wants to clear the name of her father’s, who was accused of murder. Before the lawsuit, her father worked as a reporter who was in the middle of investigating a huge scandal in a company. In order to help her father, Shin Young-joo investigates and collects evidence on her own. Unfortunately, her actions were found to be abuses of her power as a police office. As a result, Shin Young-joo is fired and her efforts to collect evidence for her father’s case becomes useless because of a biased court hearing the case.


Lee Dong-joon is a judge affiliated with Taebaek Law firm. Viewers can quickly see he is a good man and a wise judge. Unfortunately, he is surrounded and pressured by bad people from his law firm. He is also the one who handled Shin Young-joo’s father case.


The relationship between Shin Young-joo and Lee Dong-joon started badly. However, as the story goes on, the two join forces to uncover the shadiness of one of the biggest law firms in Korea.



Whisper: The Casts

Lee Bo Young as Shin Young-joo


Lee sang-yoon as Lee Dong-joon


Kwon Yool as Kang Jung-il


Park Se-young as Choi Soo-yeon


Whisper: The Soundtrack

No. Title Artist
1. A Day Of Reckoning Various Artists
2. Revers Various Artists
3. Sacht Howl Various Artists
4. Dream On Lim Ji Eun
5. A Devil Incarnate Lim Ji Eun
6. Warfare Various Artists
7. A Day Of Reckoning 2 Various Artists
8. Silent Footprint Various Artists
9. Onslaught Various Artists
10. Enormous Various Artists
11. Pass Various Artists
12. Keep In Check Various Artists
13. Don’t Be Sick Various Artists
14. Devils Various Artists
15. Plan Various Artists
16. Suspicious Various Artists
17. A Sudden Report Of A Gun Various Artists
18. Revers 2 Various Artists


Seven Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Whisper’


1. Strong Cast Chemistry
This is not the first time Lee Bo-young and Lee Sang-yoon have acted together in a drama. In 2012, the two worked together in My Daughter, Seoyoung. That drama became a hit back then and was a good reason to start watching drama in general.

2. A Hot Korean Genre
A drama with a legal genre was hot in Korea at that time. Many TV stations made dramas that were part of this same genre, but Whisper is definitely one of the best. Even though this type of drama was not new it felt very fresh in the hand of SBS’s production team, which made watching it still so worth it.

3. Such a Unique Story!
There are many dramas of the same genre, but Whisper really stands apart. It offers not only the stiff environment of the legal world, but also the bloom of romance between the two main characters, played by Shin Young-joo and Lee Dong-Joon. This has the effect of giving the drama a touch of warmth. The plot of the story is fast-paced and progresses well, so this is a drama which is never boring.

4. An Awesome Extended Cast
It’s not only Lee Bo-young and Lee Sang-yoon who shine in this drama. There are so many other talented actors and actresses in Whisper as well! They include Kwon Yool, Park Se-young, Kim Kap-Soo, King Hog-Fa, Moon Hee-Kyung, and many more. Their combined talent and experience guarantees that this is a very high-quality drama.

5. A Very Capable Director
Whisper is directed by Lee Myoung-woo, who has been in the industry for years. This director has worked on many memorable dramas such as Princess Ja Myung-go (2009), Fashion King (2012), You’re All Surrounded (2014) and Punch (2014).

6. Real-Life Issues
This drama drew attention to the issue of corruption in the Korean legal system. Legal corruption does not only happen in Korea, but everywhere. Everyone has been touched by this issue in one way or another, so it makes the story very relatable.

7. Deep Messages Within the Story
There are many messages, both explicit and implicit, that viewers can take away from this drama. One small example can be found in this dialog from Lee Dong-joon: “I was a judge, but I didn’t live as a decent one. I insulted a reporter’s life who led a decent life. I even pursued a comfortable life by doing so. I will say no more. Please, punish me severely and show that nobody is free from the law, and by doing so let the people who are attending this trial know that the time of justice has begun.” In these lines, the character is expressing that even though he was a judge he must also be held accountable to the law.

Whisper is a masterpiece, so no need to think twice about watching it. Enjoy the show!