Do You Wanna Know What Korean Drama Has the Highest Rating of All Time? Here’s a List For You!


Korean Drama, The New Addiction for People All Around The World!

Lately, all things Korean are becoming huge and popular, whether it is Korean culture, Korean music, or Korean drama! Not only that, viewers of Korean drama come from all around the world, and it’s quickly becoming their new addiction! Channel Korea will tell you all about, so stay tuned!

Korean drama has been becoming very popular, especially since the early 2000s. There are a lot of Korean dramas, some focus on romance, historical, psychological, thriller, melodrama, and many other themes. for the most part, however, romances and melodramas seem to be the most popular genres. Some of the reasons why people love Korean drama are because of the actors and actresses, obviously, the attractive story lines, and also the conflict in some dramas that felt like real life.

Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you the Korean drama with the highest rating of all time!

What Makes K-Drama So Special?


Even though there’s a lot of dramas from all over Asia, Korean dramas are more popular than the other Asian dramas. Compared to dramas that come from other parts of Asia, such as Japan, Thailand, or China, Korean drama is beyond all of them for various reasons. Some of the reasons are that people were loving the acting ability from the actors and actresses. At the same time, they successfully evoked all types of emotions from the viewers, whether in happy, sad, or angry.

Other than that, Korean dramas also have good soundtracks. Every time you watch Korean drama, we bet that you’ll always fall in love with the soundtrack! The soundtracks come from a lot of great singers, and the songs felt related to the scenes in the drama.

Korean dramas also pay attention to every detail for their drama, such as the details of a hospital setting for a scene. There’s a lot of medical implements for the hospital scenes, and they create a sad atmosphere to assure the viewers in a hospital scene! So, are you still hesitant to watch Korean drama?

Highest-Rated Korean Dramas of All Time in Public Broadcast


At first, Korean drama came from public broadcast networks, but with the advent of cable television, both public broadcast and cable television networks were competing to present us with great stories. No matter what sort of network, the dramas being produced are all great.

Korean drama from public broadcast used to have more viewers than those produced by cable networks, largely because public broadcasts were free for everybody, whereas cable television was only for the people who were paid and subscribing. Publicly broadcast dramas also tended to have a lot of episodes, which made the viewers more excited!

Not only that, but Korean dramas from public broadcasts also presented us with the usual conflict that typically occurred in real life, such as with Boys Before Flowers, The Heirs, Full House, etc!

Here are some of the highest-rated Korean drama from the public broadcast!

You and I (1998)


General Information

Title: You and I

Genre: Drama, Romance, Melodrama

Episodes: 58

Network: MBC

List of Cast

  • Choi Bool-am
  • Park Sang-won
  • Cha In-pyo
  • Song Seung-hun
  • Seo Yoo-jung

First of all, we’re going to talk about You and I, one of the highest-rated Korean drama from the public broadcast! Perhaps some of you haven’t watched the drama, since the drama was released in 1997, but don’t worry, we will explain the synopsis and the rating here for you!

You and I became one of the highest-rated dramas of all time from a public broadcast right from the first episodes.

Basically, You and I was a story about Park Jae-chu’s family, he was a sailor and also the father of four children. The children were Dong Kyu, Young Kyu, Sang Ok and Min Kyu. The drama also told us about the children’s life, such as about Dong Kyu as a working man who had taken the responsibility to protect his siblings, about Young Kyu, who wants to marry a rich girl someday, about Min Kyu, who was an introvert son, and Sang Ok, the only daughter in Park Jae-chu’s family. The drama told us about each of the children’s love story, their struggle, and how they overcome it!

The usual conflict in the drama became one of the attractions for You and I, since people related to the conflict, moreover, the conflict also occurred in their real life. No wonder that You and I became everyone’s favorite drama at that time!

First Love (1997)


General Information

Title: First Love

Genre: Drama, Romance

Episodes: 66

Network: KBS2

List of Cast

  • Bae Yong-joon
  • Choi Soo-jong
  • Lee Seung-yeon
  • Song Chae-hwan
  • Choi Ji-woo
  • Park Sang-won

Next, we have First Love as the second-highest-rated drama from a public broadcast! From the first time it aired, First Love gained 65.8% on its final episodes! Even the average rating of its episodes was around 52.6%. Such a big achievement, right?

Basically, First Love told us a story about Hyo Kyeong, who was the only daughter in her rich family, but she was being forced to marry Suk Jin. Suk Jin was a rich man who was also Hyo Kyeong’s tutor. But actually, Hyo Kyeong had fallen in love with Chan Hyuk, an ordinary man. Unfortunately, Chan Hyuk died, and it caused Hyo Kyeong to eventually marry Suk Jin.

The slight conflict and related story-line were some of the various reasons why First Love became popular and gained a lot of viewers!

What Is Love (1992)


General Information

Title: What Is Love

Genre: Drama, Romance

Episodes: 55

Network: MBC

List of Cast

  • Choi Min-soo
  • Ha Hee-ra
  • Lee Sun-jae
  • Kim Hye-ja
  • Se Yun-kim
  • Youn Yuh-jung

Last, but not least, we have What Is Love! What Is Love was the third highest-rated drama from public broadcast since from the first episodes they gained more and more viewers until their last episodes hit a market share of 59.6%!

What Is Love told us a story about two families with different issues. One family was kind of a conservative and patriarchal family, meanwhile, the other one was more of a modern and utilitarian family. The conflict came when they were becoming quarrelsome in-laws, due to their different backgrounds.

The plot from What Is Love was unusual, which is why What Is Love became popular and received a lot of viewers! The drama also told us about how important it is to balance our differences, no matter what, where, or who we are.

And are some of the other highest-rated dramas from the public broadcast:

  • Sandglass (64.5%)
  • Hur Jun (63.5%)
  • A Sunny Place of the Young (62.7%)
  • Sons and Daughters (61.1%)

Highest-Rated Korean Dramas in the 2010s in Public Broadcast


And here are some of the highest-rated dramas from public broadcast in the 2010s!

My Only One (2019)


General Information

Title: My Only One

Genre: Family, Drama

Episodes: 106

Network: KBS2

List of Casts

  • Choi Soo-jong
  • Uee
  • Lee Jang-woo
  • Yoon Jin-yi

My Only One was the highest-rated, it hit 48,9% viewership! With a lot of episodes, My Only One still successfully gained the highest rating of all time! The series told a story about Kim Do-ran (played by Uee). She was a cheerful woman, but, unfortunately, her fate wasn’t as cheerful as her personality. She was involved in financial problems and had to work harder to reach her dream to be a politician.

Not only that, but Kim Do-ran also had to accept the truth that her parents weren’t her real parents, and she lived in an environment where the people within it were killers. The struggle in Kim Do-ran’s life drew attention from the viewers, which is why it was so highly rated.

Bread, Love, and Dreams (2010)


General Information

Title: Bread, Love, and Dreams

Genre: Romance, Melodrama

Episodes: 30

Network: KBS2

List of Cast

  • Yoon Shi-yoon
  • Eugene
  • Joo Won
  • Lee Young-ah
  • Jun Kwang-ryul

Bread, Love and Dreams was released in 2010, and became one of the highest-rated drama from public broadcast in the 2010s! Since the first episodes, the drama’s viewership increased until it reached 50.8% at its peak! Its average rating was still a very respectable 38.6%!

Bread, Love and Dreams were about Kim Tak-goo (played by Yoon Shi-yoon), he was the illegitimate child from Samhwa Entertainment’s president and an ordinary woman. Luckily, he became one of his father’s heir due to his good ability in making bread. The conflict came when his stepbrother and his stepmother wanted to seize Kim Tak-goo’s right as an heir.

Kim Tak-goo didn’t give up, he was struggling to build up his career and dreamed of being the number 1 bread king, going from being a zero to being a hero. Not only that, Kim Tak-goo was also involved in a love conflict between his first love and a woman who was always on his side and supporting him.

The struggle of Kim Tak-goo’s life was the most compelling thing about the drama, but the betrayal and family relationships were very relateable and pulled viewers in. No wonder that Bread, Love and Dreams also received such high ratings.

Wang’s Family (2014)


General Information

Title: Wang’s Family

Genre: Romance, Family, Comedy

Episodes: 50

Network: KBS2

List of Cast

  • Oh Hyun-kyung
  • Lee Tae-ran
  • Lee Yoon-ji
  • Jo Sung-ha
  • Oh Man-seok

Wang’s Family had a substantial viewership, since the drama received the highest rating overall, averaging 34.3% on any given episode! Ratings for some of the episodes rated as high as 50,3%!

Wang’s Family was a story about… Wang’s Family, all the members of which were struggling with their own problems. The oldest child was married into a rich family but ended up being poor. The second child had her own financial problem because her husband was jobless, and the third child had an obsession to be a writer.

The story-line was related to the values of Korean’s society, which is why so many people loved the show.  It was full of situations that were highly relatable.

These were some of the other highest-rated dramas from public broadcast in 2010s:

  • How Is Your Husband? (48.2%)
  • Cinderella (48%)
  • All In (47.7%)
  • Seoyoung, My Daughter (47.6%)