Meet Korean Child Actress Yoo Hae-jung

Get to Know Talented Actress Yoo Hae-jung

Have you ever heard of Yoo Hae-jung? This charmer is a South Korean actress who was born on October 9, 2000. She gained her popularity after starring in the first season of God’s Quiz (a medical/forensic crime investigation drama) as Eun Ok, in 2010. This actress, who works under HMG Entertainment, has already starred in many dramas and movies. She even received an award at 11th Asian Film Festival of Dallas – Special Jury Prize for Acting (Lovable), and was nominated as Best New Actress at 49th Grand Bell Awards at the same year.

As the Main Cast of Lovable

Lovable, or The Lovely Child, is a Korean Movie which released in 2011. This movie tells the story of  9-year-old Da-seul (Yoo Hae-jung), who lives with her grandfather who works in a dry squid factory and her uncle who works as a waiter. They live together in a small village overlooking the ocean. Although her grandmother and uncle think that she is mentally challenged, Da-seul actually has a special talent for the arts along with her autism.

The movie itself got an award at the 2012 (11th) Asian Film festival of Dallas as Best Narrative Feature. Yoo Hae-jung also received an award as Special Jury Prize for Acting because of her excellent performance in this movie.

After a screening of Lovable, a Q&A session was held at the Dong-Sang Art Hall in Daegu (December 3, 2011). The movie’s director, Park Chul-soon, and Yoo Hae-jung appeared as the speakers at the session.

While answering the questions from the audience, Yoo Hae-jung, who was still in 5th grade, said that Lovable was her first movie, and she learned fhow to act from the movie’s director.

When she was asked about the most difficult scene while shooting for the movie, Yoo Hae-Jung answered that the most difficult scene was after she threw the snowman and looked for the snowman. She was so sleepy at that time

She also said that the most memorable scene was the last scene of the movie when she was walking on the street and looked back.

Yoo Hae-jung was also asked about her friends’ reaction after watching the movie. Then, she said that she didn’t care whether she looked pretty or not, because she needed to act for the movie.

Being A Wolf Girl in Good Doctor

Even though she’s still young, the power of her acting shouldn’t be underestimated. In the drama Good Doctor, Yoo Hae-jung played the role as Eun Ok, a little girl who was raised in a dog cage by her abusive aunt, then was adopted into a house owned by an opera singer named Gyu-hyeon and finally had her happy ending.

Filming for the drama wasn’t easy for her. She said that she had a tough time mastering the movements of a wild animal, because it wasn’t something she could learn through her pet at home.

Besides that, she said that she was happy knowing that she could work in the same drama with her idol, Joo Won.