Korean Bands Who Will Rock Your World With Their Talents: Day6, Hyukoh, The Rose, etc.


A New Refresher For You, Learn More About These Korean Bands!

Not only is it famous for its actors, actresses, and idol groups, the South Korean entertainment industry is also famous for their bands! Even though they don’t dance like like the idol groups, their talent shines through their songs, their albums, and their concerts, all of which amaze their fans! Channel Korea will tell you about it, so stay tuned!

Korean bands started being formed quite a while ago. Some of those bands include Hyukoh, FT Island, CNBLUE, Day6, Kiha & The Face, and many more! Each of them have their own style of music, their own attractiveness, and great songs! Would you like to hear more about it? Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you some of the Korean bands who will rock your world every single day with their musics and talents!

#1 Day6


First, let’s take a look at Day6! Day6 is a Korean rock band which was formed under JYP Entertainment. Previously, the group had five members and was called 5LIVE, joining the show Who Is Next, with Jaehyung, Sungjin, Wonpil, Young K, and Junhyeok.

They were changed their name to Day6 in 2015 and added Dowoon as a new member. The reconfigured group debuted in 2015 with the album The Day, with the hit single Congratulations. Unfortunately, one of the members, Junghyuk, resigned from the group.

Day6 has held a lot of showcases, fanmeetings, and concerts in Seoul, Bangkok, Jakarta, Melbourne, and Sydney. Most of their music can be considered pop/rock.

You can get to know more about Day6 through their social media and some of their best music videos, here:

Days Gone By

Time of Our Life

You Were Beautiful

Social media

Twitter: @day6official

Facebook: day6official

Instagram: day6kilogram

Official website: day6.jype.com



People must be familiar with the name CNBLUE! They were a Korean indie rock band who were also formed under FNC Entertainment, and are the junior group of FT Island. CNBLUE consisted of Jung Yong-hwa as the leader, main vocalist, rapper and guitarist, Lee Jong-hyun as the vocalist and guitarist, Kang Min-hyuk as the vocalist and drummer, and Lee Jung-shin as the vocalist and bassist.

CN was an abbreviation of ‘Code Name’, but the word BLUE has its own meaning for each member, like ‘Burning’ for Lee Jong-hyun, ‘Lovely’ for Kang Min-hyuk, ‘Untouchable’ for Lee Jung-shin, and ‘Emotional’ for Jung Yong-hwa. CNBLUE started their debut in Japan in 2009, with their first mini album, Now or Never.

In 2010, CNBLUE started their debut in South Korea with the hit single I’m a Loner. Mostly, their genre was rock, pop/rock, and power pop. Some of their best singles are The Way, In My Head, Where You Are, and many more!

Get to know more about CNBLUE through their social media and some of their best music videos, here:


Can’t Stop

Love Girl

Social media

Twitter: @CNBLUE_4

Facebook: CNBLUEOfficial

Instagram: @cnblue_official

Official website: fncent.com/CNBLUE

Youtube: CNBLUE

#3 The Rose


The Rose was formed in 2017 under J&Star Entertainment. The Rose consisted of four members, Woosung as the leader, vocalist, and guitarist, Doojon as the main vocalist, keyboardist, and guitarist, Jaehyeong as the sub-vocalist and bassist, and Hajoon as the sub-vocalist, rapper, and drummer. Their first debut single was Sorry, which was released in August, 2017. Even though they were included as new artists, their talents were amazing and undeniable!

Mostly, they play K-Pop and pop/rock. According to the leader, Woosung, the bands name, The Rose, meaning playing music that is alive, while also showing the beauty of a rose with the thorns within. After debuting with Sorry, The Rose made a comeback with the hit single Like We Used To.

Get to know more about The Rose through their social media and some of their best music videos, here:



Like We Used To

Social media

Twitter: @TheRose_0803

Facebook: bandtherose

Instagram: official_therose

Official website: therose.jp

#4 FT Island


FT Island, or ‘Five Treasure Island’, was formed in 2007, under FNC Entertainment, the group consisted of Choi Joong-hun as the leader, guitarist, and keyboardist, Lee Hong-ki as the main vocalist, Oh Won-bin as the rapper and guitarist, Lee Jae-jin as the bassist, and Choi Min-hwan as the drummer. In 2009, Oh Won-bin decided to leave the group and was replaced by Song Seung-hyun.

The band’s first album was Cheerful Sensibility, which was released in 2007, with the hit single Love Sick. FT Island has released several Korean and Japanese albums, mostly, their music genre is rock and pop.

Get to know more about FT Island through their social media and some of their best music videos, here:


I Wish

Hello Hello

Social media

Twitter: @FT_FANCLUB

Facebook: FTISLAND

Instagram: ftisland

Official website: fncent.com/FTISLAND

#5 Hyukoh


Hyukoh is an indie band from South Korea. They were formed in May, 2014, under HIGHGRND. Hyukoh has four members, Oh Hyuk (vocalist and guitarist), Im Dong-gun (bassist), Lim Hyun-jae (main guitarist), and Lee In-woo (drummer).

For their first debut in 2014, Hyukoh released the mini album 20. After their performance in the Summer Music Festival from Infinite Challenge, Hyukoh has been on the upswing. They’re the first band that was put together under HIGHGRND, a sub-label of YG Entertainment, and are managed by Tablo. Mostly, their music is indie pop and indie rock.

Get to know more about Hyukoh through their social media and some of their best music videos, here:

Comes and Goes


Wi Ing Wi Ing

Social media

Twitter: @hyukohh

Facebook: HYUKOHOfficial

Instagram: hyukohofficial

Official website: hyukoh.com

#6 Royal Pirates


Royal Pirates is a Korean-American band which was formed in 2004, originally under the name Fading From Dawn. Previously, the band had four members, Kim Moon-chul as guitarist and vocalist, Richard Kim as bassist, James Lee as bassist, and EXSY (Sooyoon) as drummer. James Lee was joined the group in 2009 to replace Richard Kim.

The group’s original was Fading From Dawn, but after Richard Kim’s death, the group’s name was changed and they started using the name Royal Pirates in 2013. The band used to perform in music festivals in California, USA, such as the annual Korean Festival in Orange County.

Their popularity began with from their YouTube channel, through their song’s cover. Their first single, Royal Villain, was released on the internet in 2009, followed by Sooyoon’s song, Like Butterflies. In 2010, Royal Pirates also released Disappear. They said that the music video was a declaration towards the fans and also for the band’s promotion. In 2017, James Lee announced his departure from Royal Pirates due to his health.

Get to know more about Royal Pirates through their social media and some of their best music videos, here:

Drawing The Line

Run Away

Love Toxic

Social media

Twitter: @royalpirates

Facebook: royalpirates

Instagram: official_royalpirates

#7 N.Flying


N.Flying is a Korean rap/rock band from FNC Entertainment and was formed in 2009. The members are Kwon Kwang-jin as the bassist and rapper, Lee Seung-hyub as the guitarist, vocalist, and rapper, Cha Hun as the vocalist and main guitarist, Yoo Hoe-seung as the main vocalist, and Kim Jae-hyun as the drummer.

The name ‘N.Flying’ combines ‘New‘ and ‘Flying‘, which also means ‘new wings‘ or ‘new escape‘. N.Flying’s single, Basket, entered the Indie Oricon music chart in Japan. Previously, Kwon Kwang-jin was the bassist of CNBLUE, which was also formed under FNC Entertainment, but he left the band in 2010 and continued his career with the other trainees in FNC Entertainment, Lee Seung-hyub, Cha Hun, Yoo Hoe-seung and Kim Jae-hyun and formed as N.Flying.

Get to know more about N.Flying through their social media and some of their best music videos, here:


Leave It

Spring Memories

Social media

Twitter: @NFlyingofficial

Facebook: officialnflying

Instagram: letsroll_nf

Official website: fncent.com/NFLYING

#8 Lunafly


Lunafly or LUNAFLY is a Korean band formed by Nega Network. Their official debut was in 2012 with their self-composed single, How Nice Would It Be. Lunalfy consists of Sam Carter and Han Seung-yun, and the previous members were Shin Tae-ho, Jin and Yub.

The band released their debut album, Super Hero, in iTunes worldwide. How Nice Would It Be became a hit single, and their agency also invested a huge amount of money for the music video, whether it was for their accessories, their hairstyles, their outfits, and other things.

Mostly, their music is released in digital format, and netizens have given them a lot of support. Lunafly also released an English version of their single Super Hero, followed by their first concert in Japan. In April, 2013, they released the album Fly to Love. The band gained a lot of popularity worldwide by holding a lot of concerts in Latin America, performing in Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, and Brazil.

Get to know more about Lunafly through their social media and some of their best music videos, here:

Super Hero

Fly To Love

How Nice Would It Be

Social media

Twitter: @officialLUNAFLY

Facebook: officialnflying