Korean Bands Who Will Rock Your World With Their Talents: Day6, Hyukoh, The Rose, etc.

#15 South Club

South Club

South Club was formed in 2017 by singer Nam Tae-hyun. Currently, the band consists of four members, Nam Tae-hyun as the lead vocalist and composer, Nam Dong-hyun as the bassist, Jang Won-young as the drummer and composer, and Kang Kun-ku as the guitarist and composer. The former members were Kim Eui-myeong and Choi Yun-hee.

South Club started their debut in 2017 by releasing the hit single Hug Me, on May 26. They released their first EP, 90, on June 27th. Mostly, South Club describes their music as alternative rock with a mixture of blues as the foundation. Some of their singles, such as Dirty House, Liar, and I Got the Blues have received a lot of good responses.

South Club also has performed in a lot of places outside South Korea, such Bangkok, Tokyo, Taipei, London, Paris, Madrid, Cologne, and many more.

Get to know more about South Club through their social media and some of their best music videos, here:

I’m Crazy

Grown Up


Social media

Twitter: @thesouth_news

Facebook: The-South

Instagram: souththth

Official website: souththth.com

#16 Wetter


Wetter debuted in 2016 with the hit single No. The members are Choi Wonbin as the vocalist, Jae Jiho as the guitarist, Jung Jihoon as the bassist, and Heo Jinhyeok as the drummer.

In 2017, Wetter released an EP with the title Romance in a Weird World and the digital single, You n Me Us. Then, in 2018, the band came out with the new EP We’ve Lost, What Now? and digital single, I Don’t Wanna Be a Doll. Oone of their latest songs, Ggondae, was released in 2019.

Get to know more about Wetter through their social media and some of their best music videos, here:


Hello Sunshine


Social media

Instagram: @bandwetter

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