Korean Bands Who Will Rock Your World With Their Talents: Day6, Hyukoh, The Rose, etc.

#9 Nell


Nell is a South Korean indie rock band which was formed in 2001. The band’s name was inspired by the Jodie Foster movie with the same title, Nell. Nell consists of Kim Jong-wan as the vocalist, keyboardist, and guitarist, Lee Jae-kyong as the lead guitarist, Lee Jung-hoon as the bassist, and Jung Jae-won as the drummer.

Some of their hit singles are Stay, Thank You, and Good Night. One of their albums, Healing Process, was chosen as one of the five best recordings by South Korean critics. Another album, Separation Anxiety, became a new hit in South Korea and  hit #1 on various music charts. Not only have they gained a lot of popularity in South Korea, but Nell also spread their wings in Japan and the USA, gaining a huge amount of popularity.

In 2016, Nell moved to a new label called Space Bohemian, and released a new album called C, with the hit single Dream Catcher.

Get to know more about Nell through their social media and some of their best music videos, here:

White Night

Green Nocturne

Ocean of Light

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Twitter: @nellband

#10 Bursters

This group is a post-alternative hardcore rock band that was formed under Evermore music. They used to be known as Burstered before changing into Bursters. Bursters consists of Daegun Roh as the vocalist, Junyong Ahn as the guitarist, Gyejin Lee as the guitarist, Hwanhee Jo as the bassist, and Taehee Jo as the drummer.

In April, 2017, the band released its debut album, Live In Hope. They also became the first South Korean band who was included in the weekly radio playlist of the famous British rock magazine, TV, and radio, Kerrang!, with their single, Barriers.

Get to know more about Bursters through their social media and some of their best music videos, here:


Lost Child


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#11 Boohwal


Boohwal was formed in 1986, playing a mix of rock, pop, heavy metal, and hard rock. The band consists of Kim Tae-won as the guitarist, Seo Jae-hyuck as the bassist, Chae Je-min as the drummer, and Kim Dongmyung as the vocalist.

The band Boohwal was concentrating in South Korea’s music style, with melodic rock ballads. Since they released their first album with the famous vocalist, Lee Seung-cheol, their hit single, Heeya, became very well-known. Unfortunately, Lee Seung-cheol and Kim Tae-won went their separate ways in 1988.

In 1993, Boohwal released their next album, with the hit single The More I Love.  In 1997, they released the single Lonely Night, with a new vocalist, Park Wan-kyu. In 2000, Boohwal came back again, with Lee Seung-cheol as the vocalist, and released the album 새, 벽 (Sae Byuk – Bird, Wall), with the hit single Never Ending Story. In 2015, Boohwal had their 30th anniversary.

Get to know more about Boohwal through their social media and some of their best music videos, here:

The More I Love

Beautiful Truth


Social media

Instagram: boohwal_official

Website: bornagainent.co.kr

#12 Crying Nut

Crying Nut

Crying Nut is an influential South Korean punk band, and have been performing together since 1995. In 1998, Crying Nut released their debut album, Speed Up Losers, which also lead them into popularity. The members of the group are Park Yoon-sik as the vocalist and guitarist, Lee Sang-myun as the guitarist, Lee Sang-hyuk as the drummer, Han Kyung-rock as the bassist, and Kim In-soo as the keyboardist.

The group plays a mix of punk rock, post-punk, new wave, indie rock, and hardcore punk. In 2002, Crying Nut also participated in the recording of the official Team Korea song for the Fifa World Cup. Not only popular in South Korea, Crying Nut also gained a lot of international popularity when they performed in Japan, China, Germany, Sweden, UK, USA, Singapore and elsewhere!

Get to know more about Crying Nut through their social media and some of their best music videos, here:


Speed Up Losers

Crying Nut Song

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Facebook: Crying Nut

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Official website: cryingnut.kr

#13 Standing Egg

Standing Egg

Famously stylized as Standing Egg or STANDING EGG, they are known an South Korean indie acoustic band that debuted in 2010 under Von Entertainment. The three members of Standing Egg weren’t vocalists or musicians, which is why they are featured with various guest indies artists like Clover, Windy, Han Gyul, or Hana in their songs and performance.

The official members of Standing Egg were called Egg 1 as the composer, Egg 2 as the composer and vocalist, and Egg 3 as the lyricist.

When they made their debut in 2010, Standing Egg released a self-titled album which had  three songs. They didn’t do promotions, but their album was famously known from Twitter. One of the followers jokingly asked to make their music video, which was approved and led Standing Egg to popularity.

Get to know more about Standing Egg through their social media and some of their best music videos, here:

A Song I Only Wanna Know

S.C.H (small but certain happiness)

Good Night

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Twitter: @standingEGG

Facebook: standingEGG.page

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#14 Kiha & The Faces

Kiha & The Face debuted in 2008 as a South Korean indie rock band, with the lead singer Chang Kiha. With their debut single, Cheap Coffee, Kiha & The Facesuccessfully gained their popularity.

Kiha & The Face consisted of Chang Kiha as the main vocalist and guitarist, Lee Min-ki as the guitarist, Jeong Joong-yeop as the bassist, Lee Jong-min as the keyboardist, Yohei Hasagawa as the guitarist, and Jeon Il-jun as the drummer. Unfortunately, after 10 years together, Kiha & The Face disbanded in 2018, after releasing their 5th album.

Get to know more about Kiha & The Faces through their social media and some of their best music videos, here:


I Almost Had It


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Twitter: @kihafaces

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Official website: kihafaces.com