“Made in USA”, These Korean-American Idols Struggling While Adapting to Korean Cultures

The Hardship Made Jessi Almost Give Up

The Korean female rapper, Jessi once talked about how hard it was for her to be a Korean-American when she first entered the entertainment industry. As a female, she often got underestimated and it caused her stress. Jessi also said that there was a song titled “Life is Fun” that she had to perform, but Jessi didn’t like it since her life wasn’t fun at all due to the struggles she had to face. And it ended up she didn’t put her 100% in that performance.


Since Jessi moved to Korea when she was a teenager, she didn’t know how to adapt to the culture, especially since she was alone while her family was in the States. Jessi also has a dark tone skin and some Korean people find the dark tone skin not attractive, she also had piercings and took it all because the locals didn’t like it. The first few years of Jessi’s career were so hard that she almost gave up, but Yoon Mi-rae the singer that she really liked always supported her and complimented her. It helped her a lot, thankfully.

Jessi even claimed that she still struggles for more than ten years after she debuted, but she can overcome it all now. Then again, Jessi is a talented rapper and musician no matter where she came from. Her passion for music has led her to some amazing works that she has released. Good job for all the things you have done, Jessi! We love you for who you are!


That was all the information that we have gathered for you about the Korean-American idols who struggle to adapt to Korean culture. There are a lot of Korean-American idols out there, but not many of them open up to the public about their problems. Even so, it doesn’t mean that they’re not having a hard time. So as a fan, treat your idols right, and compliment them for all the things they have done and have been through!

It’s indeed hard for us foreigner fans to understand Korean language and culture, but what we do is only watch and support idols through the small screens. Korean-American idols are experiencing a lot more hardships in the Korean entertainment industry. So please, always be nice to everyone who works in the industry for we are not aware of their struggles and how much they suffer. Until then, cheers!