Korean-American Actor Dennis Joseph O’Neil: Profile, Family, Dramas, and Movies

Everything About Dennis Joseph O’Neil’s Parents and Family

Dennis Oh Family

Dennis Joseph O’Neil was born in Georgia, United States from a Korean mother and a former American GI. There isn’t much information about his parents and family since he doesn’t like to reveal his personal life to the public.


Who is Dennis Joseph O’Neil’s Wife?


Dennis Oh likes Korean girls since he always looks for his mother in them a lot. However, there aren’t any rumors or news about Dennis Oh’s relationships right now. If there are any rumors, there isn’t much information regarding that. For now, Dennis Oh’s relationship status is known as single.


List of Dennis Joseph O’Neil’s Drama


Dennis Joseph O’Neil first starred in the MBC drama Sweet Spy in 2005. He acts as a mysterious spy who falls in love with an ordinary female police officer and gains a lot of popularity afterward. Dennis Oh has actively starred in several dramas in South Korea and China regions. Here is the list of Dennis Oh’s dramas until now.

Dennis Oh’s drama list
Year Drama Title Channel
2005 – 2006 Sweet Spy MBC
2007 Witch Yoo Hee SBS
2008 East of Eden MBC
2011 Fall in Love
2013 Fiancee (未婚妻)
2017 The Perfect Wedding (风光大嫁)


List of Dennis Joseph O’Neil’s Movie


Dennis Joseph O’Neil started his movie acting career with the movie Somebody to Love (2011). Most of his movies are from China rather than South Korea. However, his popularity is still growing in South Korea. Here is a list of movies Dennis Joseph O’Neil has had a role in until now.

Dennis Oh’s movie list
Year Movie Title Role
2011 Somebody to Love [我们约会吧 (Wǒmen yuēhuì ba)]
2014 Hype Nation 3D Tony Kang
2015 Tao Hua Yun Lu Yao Wei
2016 Ai shang shi shui shi
Pegasus: On the Brink Johnny Malone
PAPA [洛杉矶捣蛋计划] Jason Chen