Korean-American Actor Dennis Joseph O’Neil: Profile, Family, Dramas, and Movies

Dennis Oh - Sweet Spy

All About “Sweet Spy” Actor, Dennis Joseph O’Neil

Dennis Joseph O’Neil or Dennis Oh is a Korean-American actor who started his entertainment active as a model in 2001. He gained worldwide popularity after starring on the MBC mini series Sweet Spy in 2005. Dennis Oh is currently still active as both a model and actor in America and South Korea. Let’s get to know more about Dennis Joseph O’Neil.


Dennis Joseph O’Neil’s Full Profile and Facts

Dennis Oh


Real Name = Dennis Joseph O’Neil

Other Name = Dennis Oh

Birthday = August 29, 1981

Zodiac = Virgo

Origin = Georgia, United States

Blood Type = A

Height = 188 cm

Weight = 83 kg

Education = Savannah College of Art and Design – Photograph

Hobby = Drawing, Travelling, Photography

Occupation = Model and Actor

Years Active = 2001 – Present

Agency = Star Page Entertainment


  1. He has an older brother.
  2. He grew up in Georgia and Gyeongsangnam-do in South Korea.
  3. He learned martial arts, wrestling and also played football a lot when he was little.
  4. His shoe size is 29 cm (size 11 US).
  5. He started his career in 2001 as a model and gained public attention after he starred in a Sky cell phone commercial in 2005.
  6. He started modeling at the age of 16 and won the 22nd Korean Model “Best Dressed” award in 2005.
  7. He is popular in South Korea, China and Japan. He is more active outside South Korea and gets most of his jobs there.
  8. His dream is win one of the Oscar Awards.
  9. He participates in goodwill activities.
  10. He donates his performance fee of one drama to poor communities.
  11. He likes Korean food since his mother often cooks Korean food at home.
  12. His Chinese zodiac sign is the Rooster.
  13. He always tries to believe in people around him.
  14. He was spotted by scouts who helped get him into the industry.
  15. He did not plan to be a model nor an actor.
  16. His direction in life is to be “a good person,” which is what his parents taught him.
  17. He always tries to be honest, kind and polite.
  18. He thinks he needs to learn more about acting if he pursues his acting career.
  19. He thinks he still has nothing to brag about as an actor.
  20. He feels there are differences between show business in South Korea and that in other countries.
  21. Sometimes it is not easy for him to get used to work in South Korea.
  22. He is studying Korean very hard.
  23. He appeared in an episode of Melrose Place in 2009
  24. He appeared on an American TV show 100 Questions.
  25. He and Han Ga-in became music video model for SG Wannabe and Kim Joong Kook song “Only Wind Only Wind”.
  26. If he should leave show business, he would like to become a photographer.
  27. He once said that he would like to be recognized in his mother’s country.
  28. He has appeared in about 15 or more commercials across Asian countries.