About Senior Korean Actress Lee Young-ae: Profile, Husband, Wedding, Skin Care, Movies, Drama List, ETC

Lee Young-ae = Dae Jang-geum

All About Dae Jang-geum‘s Lee Young-ae

Lee Young-ae is a South Korean senior actress who made her debut as a model in 1991 before later debuting as an actress in 1993. She became well known worldwide after her appearance in MBC’s 2003 drama Jewel in the Palace as Seo Jang-geum. Aside from acting, Lee Young-ae is also active in several charities. Let’s get to know more about Lee Young-ae!


Full Profile and Facts

Lee Young-ae profile


Real Name: Lee Young-ae

Birthday: January 31, 1971

Birthplace: Oksu-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Origin: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 165 cm

Blood type: AB

Education: Hanyang University – B.A. in German Language and Literature | Chung Ang University – M.A. in Theater and Film

Occupation: Actress and model

Years Active: 1993 – 2005 | 2017 – Present

Agency: Good People Entertainment (a subsidiary of Creative Leaders Group Eight)



  1. Her fare is around 100 million won per episode for her highly anticipated dramas.
  2. In 2012, she launched a business handling organic and environmentally friendly products for children in Seoul.
  3. She is the first Korean actress to be selected as a jury member of the International Berlin Film Festival in 2006.
  4. She received the Medal of Culture Merit for her contribution to the Korean Wave from the South Korean government.
  5. She is active in a lot of charities in Korea and internationally. She also became the ambassador of the NGO.


The Truth About Lee Young-ae’s Age

Lee Young-ae age

Lee Young-ae has always looked stunning. She is already a mother of 2 kids but still looks gorgeous and young in every way. However, the truth that Lee Young-ae was born in 1971 is kinda shocking to the world. She doesn’t look like she has aged much and still resembles her appearance from MBC’s drama Jewel in the Palace in 2003.


The Secret of Lee Young-ae’s Skin Care

Lee Young-ae secret beauty

There are a lot of secrets for Lee Young-ae’s young appearance. Choosing Whoo Radiant White Moisture Cream is one of her secrets in keeping her radiant skin. The new History of Whoo Radiant White Moisture Cream is able to simultaneously break down melanin while inhibiting its formation, thus diminishing the appearance of dark spots. At the same time, the skin is hydrated and skin cell regeneration is improved for fair, radiant skin. Its efficacy lies in the traditional Korean royal court formula used by empresses. It contains:

  1. Wild chrysanthemum for a cooling effect
  2. Jinjusamsan complex for a translucent appearance and glow effect
  3. Chilhyangpalbaeksan complex to promote skin health and reduce melanin production
  4. Seolgamsan complex to boost skin cell regeneration and promote skin translucency while hydrating the skin

Other than skin care, there are several other things that make Lee Young-ae look young. Please check the video below to learn more!


Who Is Lee Young-ae’s Husband?

Lee Young-ae and husband

Lee Young-ae married a Korean-American businessman in the U.S. named Jeong Ho-young. Her husband is a non-celebrity, and there is a 20-year age gap between them. Jeong Ho-young was Lee Young-ae’s senior before and had been acquaintances for 10 years without any public recognition. He looks younger despite his real age. Jeong Ho-young was already a very successful businessman during the 1980’s.