Find Out More About These Korean Actors You Probably Didn’t Not Know Are Already Married

Everything You Need To Know About South Korean Celebrities Who Have Started Their Own Family!

Marriage is something that is sacred and binds two different people into one union in the fabric of love called family. In South Korea it is common for people who are married to be considered quite successful in their career and that they can get everything they aspire in their lives. Most South Koreans will marry over the age of 30 because they will pursue their life goals before deciding to get married.

Some South Korean actors and actresses have also been reportedly married and have small families. In this article, we will look at some South Korean actors and actresses that you probably don’t know when they got married and it feels like they are still a new couple. However, in fact, some of them already have children! Let’s see who are the South Korean actors and actresses who are married by checking out the complete information in the article below!

Oh Ji-ho & Eun Bo-ah

Oh Ji-ho, the actor who once acted as one of the characters in the K-Drama The Slave Hunter (2010), announced his marriage after dating Eun Bo-ah for 2 years. A statement that Oh Ji-ho had been given through his management reported that the actor got married on April 12th, 2014. The location of the wedding ceremony was Shilla Hotel, South Korea.

Oh Ji-ho’s relationship with his girlfriend has long been covered up before finally daring to be honest to the media. The lovers are known to be three years apart. “I finally met someone who could be my life partner. I promise we will make each other happy. Please support us for our marriage,” Oh Ji-ho said, as reported by Enews World. Oh Ji-ho’s wedding was held in private and could not be covered by the media. He only invited his closest family and relatives to the sacred event.

After getting married in April 2014, Oh Ji-ho and Eun Bo-ah were blessed with their first child born on December 30th, 2015. His first daughter was given the name Oh Seo-heun and he brought his daughter to shoot for the KBS The Return of Superman. On August 18th, 2018, Oh Ji-ho and Eun Bo-ah were again blessed with the birth of their second child, a baby boy named Ji Dong. The agency of Oh Ji-ho reported that the wife of the actor gave birth normally and her baby weighed 3 kilograms.

Ji-sung & Lee Bo-young

On September 27th, 2013, Ji-sung and Lee Bo-young officially become a married couple and their wedding, which was held at the Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul, looked very intimate with only 200 invited guests consisting of their close relatives. The wedding took place closed from the public and was only attended by relatives and close friends of the couple such as Yoon Sang-hyun, Go Hye-sun, and Kim Bum-soo who contributed wedding songs for the bride and groom.

The couple, who first met on the shoot of the K-drama series Save the Last Dance for Me (2004), started dating in 2007 before finally deciding to officialize their relationship in marriage in 2013. The announcement of his second marriage was revealed right after Lee Bo-young finished filming the popular drama I Hear Your Voice in early August 2013 through their respective fancafés.

The couple Ji-sung and Lee Bo-young were blessed with the birth of their first child 2 into their marriage. Their first child, a beautiful baby daughter named Ji Yoo, was born in 2015 with the nickname ‘Bo Bae’ from her parents. ‘Bo Bae’ is a nickname meaning ‘Bo’ as in Bo-young and ‘Bae’ means Baby. On February 6th, 2019, Ji-sung announced the birth of her second child, a baby boy, on Instagram. The baby was named Bo-ah and the small family of Ji-sung and Lee Bo-young certainly welcomed him joyfully.

Won Bin & Lee Na-young

The marriage of Won Bin and Lee Na-young was a secret and was not announced to the public before finally one of the media outlets, Dispatch, managed to find out about the actor’s marriage. Lee Na-young and Won Bin’s marriage was held in the Jungseon area, Gangwon-do. This wedding ceremony took place on May 30th, 2015, only inviting 50 guests who were the families of both partners. Reportedly, not a single celebrity was present at the wedding of Lee Na-young and Won Bin. The management also confirmed the news of their two artists and said that they wanted their wedding moments to be unforgettable and wanted the wedding to be as quiet as possible because this couple would make a life-long promise.

After 7 months of marriage, the couple Won Bin and Lee Na-young are said to have been blessed with the birth of their first child. Lee Na-young gave birth to their baby at an OBGYN clinic in Seoul. But there is a mystery behind the birth of the baby of the actor and actress. Both Won Bin and Lee Na-young refused to provide information on the date of birth of their first son. As a result, the age of the baby boy is still a secret known only by the family. When asked about the birth process, the agency refused to give an answer as to whether the birth process was normal or not.

Management could only inform that both the mother and baby are now in good health and good condition. The closure of these two celebrities about the date of birth of their babies has made many people increasingly suspicious. Speculation about the marriage that took place after Lee Na-young became pregnant before officially becoming Won Bin’s wife was again circulating. Although management flatly denied the issue of pregnancy out of wedlock, the birth of the first child made many people suspicious considering the marriage of Won Bin and Lee Na-young had just turned seven months. Despite the many pros and cons in the lives of Won Bin and Lee Na-young, they both continue to live their married life well and happily until now.