All About Korean Actor Park Hee-soon: Profile, Marriage, Daughter, Movies, and TV Shows

Korean Actor Park Hee-soon

Park Hee-soon is an outstanding Korean actor. He acted in many dramas and movies such as Seven Days (2007) which brought him many acting awards. He also acted in many other theatrical productions and television dramas, including All About My Romance (2013) and Missing Noir M (2015). Park Hee-soon is also famous for his interest in volunteer work and donations.


Park Hee-soon’s Profile

Name: Park Hee-Soon

Hangul: 박희순

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Birthdate: February 13, 1970

Sign: Aquarius

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Occupation: Actor

Years Active: 1990-present

Agent: King Kong Entertainment by Star Ship

Education: Department of Drama at Seoul National University of Arts

Spouse: Park Ye-Jin (Actress)

Social media: Twitter, V Live, Instagram (Unfortunately, he does not have Instagram- it is King Kong Entertainment’s official Instagram)

Park Hee-soon’s Marriage


Park Hee-soon and Park Ye-jin admitted that they were dating in April 2011. Park Hee-soon is 11 years older than Park Ye-jin. Despite their age gap, the two developed deep feelings toward each other and became lovers. Previously, both of them were part of the same agency before Park Ye Jin moved to Jellyfish Entertainment, triggering new rumors of them breaking up.

After dating for a long time, they officially married in 2015. They filed a private declaration and it was reported that the couple did not hold a wedding ceremony. They only had a signing ceremony with their families. In 2016, Rapper Jessi posted a picture of Park Hee-soon and Park Ye-jin’s wedding party on her Instagram at a certain place in Itaewon, Seoul. Only a few acquaintances, friends, and close family were invited. Gil, Jang Na-ra, and actor Cho Yo-jeong, who are close to the two, attended the event, too. At that time, there were also many reactions from the public to whether Park Ye-jin was pregnant, but she said that they had no plans for children or pregnancy.