Profile of Korean Actor Maeng Sang-hoon

All About Veteran Actor Maeng Sang-hoon

Maeng Sang-hoon is a South Korean actor who was born in 1960. He is a veteran actor who has been cast in many drama series and movies for having a long journey in the entertainment industry. Maeng Sang-hoon is a very great actor since he was cast for many lead and supporting roles.

He has been working in acting since he was in high school, and he is known to his hard work and effort to pursue his dream to be a professional actor. So, let’s check out Maeng Sang-hoon’s profile below if you want to know more about him!


Real Name: Maeng Sang-hoon (맹상훈)

Profession: Actor

Birth: South Korea, October 29th, 1960

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Blood Type: A

Zodiac: Scorpio

Education: Kyung-gi University, Major in French Literature

Religion: Christian

Career and Journey as an Actor

Maeng Sang-hoon attended a high school drama with many talented students to compete with him at the National Student Drama. It’s a big place and he just started his experience in acting as an extracurricular activity, but he was careless enough to make a starting point in his acting career at that time.

Maeng Sang-hoon shared about when he was a student. He had to pass the upcoming contest after a few months to reach another level in high school so he had to prepare to get ready for the competition across the nation after learning the theories. He did a flashback moment about his teacher who directed him in one day in reading a script, and he got praised for doing a good job.

3 months later, the competition of the National Student High School Drama started. The venue was filled with joy, and he was in front of such a big crowd which caused him to feel tremors.

There is a revolving stage in the concert hall. All of the famous plays take this place every year. I was thinking to stand up in the front of the stage and I felt a great pride. My heart was overflowing.”

Nearing the final of the drama, a thrilling experience on stage since, he plunged endlessly into the charm of the play, and at the end, celebrated a successful performance for three days. It’s was a memorable day for Maeng Sang-hoon.

In January 1983, Maeng Sang-hoon finished a two-month training session in acting and one day, an opportunity knocked on his door as a phone call came from a television station’s director. When he met the director, the director was looking at him and handed over a script book with his name at the top as the lead role. The director asked him to be the main character, and he accepted the offer. The storyline was based on a commercial popular novel and was adapted into a drama series with a 90-minute duration. At that time, Maeng Sang-hoon made his debut as an actor in the entertainment industry.

Marriage and Family

Maeng Sang-hoon is a father of two children and a husband. Maeng Sang-hoon’s wife is Lee Eun-joo. His wife is the younger sister of South Korean actor Moon Young-min who is one of his best friends. The lovers met for the first time at her father’s funeral.

A month later, Maeng Sang-hoon broke up with his girlfriend and started dating his current wife. Less than 2 years later, they succeeded in tying the knot.

Maeng Sang-hoon married at the age of 29 and now he has a daughter (22) who is a college student and a son (20) who’s currently continuing his academic stage as a student. “My son is so busy these days that it’s hard to see his face. My daughter was in America and just came in. It’s good to see them again after a long absence. My wife helps me to be a dad like a friend. When my wife gives me advice, I put some weight on it.”

Close Friendship with Actor Moon Yong-min

In November 2012, Maeng Sang-hoon appeared on the documentary show 여유만만 aired on KBS 2. The veteran actor was seen traveling to the Dulegil of Jiri Mountain under the theme of ‘Summer Vacation’.

Although they are old actors, they showed a special friendship with each other as actor Maeng Sang-hoon is married to Moon Yong-min’s younger sister.

When the production team asked why he didn’t come with his wife, Moon Yong-min said, “My wife is working as a hairdresser and my sister is busy supporting her nephews, but she is also satisfied with her trip.

Also, the two visited the village’s house near the Seomjingang River had a delicious meal together and strengthened their friendship like brothers.


Television Dramas

  • 2017 – Live Up to Your Name, Dr. Heo (role as Yoo Chan-sung/aired on tvN)
  • 2016 – The Flower in Prison (role as Jeong Mak-gae/aired on MBC)
  • 2015 – Hyde Jekyll, Me (role as Director Min/aired on SBS), Divorce Lawyer in Love (role as Go Dong-sang/aired on MBC), Remember (role as Jung-ah’s Father/aired on MBC)
  • 2014 – Endless Love (role as Han Kab-soo/aired on SBS), Pride and Prejudice (role as Park Soon-bae/aired on MBC)
  • 2013 – Crazy Love (role as Yoon Moon-do/aired on tvN), Lover in her Bag (role as Eun Ki-jung/aired on JTBC)
  • 2012 – Rooftop Prince (role as Park In-cheol/aired on SBS), The King’s Doctor (role as Oh Jang-bak/aired on MBC)
  • 2011 – My Princess (role as Oh Ki-taek/aired on MBC), Miss Ripley (aired on MBC), Bride of the Sun (role as Kim Hak-gu/aired on SBS)
  • 2010 – A Man Called God (role as Seo Tae-jin/aired on MBC), Dong Yi (role as Kim Goo-sun/aired on MBC)
  • 2008 – The Scales of Providence (role as Shin Dal-soo/aired on SBS), I Love You, Don’t Cry (role as Bae Dae-sung/aired on MBC)
  • 2007 – Yi San (role as Nam Si-cho/aired on MBC)
  • 2006 – Love and Ambition (role as Kim Mi-ja’s Father/aired on SBS), How Much Love (role as Ha Sun-jung/aired on MBC)
  • 2005 – Ballad of Seodong (role as Wang Gu/aired on SBS)
  • 2004 – More Beautiful Than a Flower (role as Husband of Doo-chil’s Sister/aired on KBS2), People of the Water Flower Village (role as Son Dong-ho/aired on MBC), Kkangsooni (role as Uh Bok-man/aired on EBS), Precious Family (role as Mr. Choi/aired on MBC), Freezing Point (role as Noh Kwang-chun/aired on MBC)
  • 2003 – Are You Still Dreaming (role as Mr. Seung/aired on MBC), Dae Jang Geum (role as Prof. Jeong Woon-baek/aired on MBC)
  • 2002 – Let’s Get Married (role as Kim Suk-woo/aired on KBS2), Solitude (role as Paek Jae-joo/aired on KBS2)
  • 2001 – Sangdo (role as Steward Hwang/aired on MBC)
  • 2000 – Fireworks (role as Coach Jung/aired on SBS), The Golden Era (role as Park Jin-tae/aired on MBC)
  • 1999 – Hur Jun (role as Kim Man-kyung/aired on MBC)
  • 1997 – Star in My Heart (role as Heo Kwang-young/aired on MBC), Cinderella (role as Bae Yong-su/aired on MBC)
  • 1996 – Lovers (aired on MBC)
  • 1995 – Sandglass (role as Kang Woo-suk’s colleagues/aired on SBS)
  • 1992 – Jealousy (aired on MBC)
  • 1991 – Eyes of Dawn (role as Konno/aired on MBC)


  • 2014 –Big Match
  • 2005 – Cracked Eggs and Noodles
  • 2004 – How to Keep My Love
  • 2001 – Last Present (role as PD Hwang)
  • 2000 – Picture Diary
  • 1986 – Seoul Emperor, Lee Jang-ho’s Baseball Team


This is all the information about Maeng Sang-hoon that we can give to you. Maeng Sang-hoon is a veteran actor who is also a great figure to his family, and he has received much appreciation for all of his work in acting both in dramas and movies. He is also a person who’s really taking good care to everyone around him from his best friend to his family members. Let’s hope for the best for Maeng Sang-hoon for his great work and for his personal life. May he be healthy and filled with happiness!