All About the Rising Star, Korean Actor Lee Jong-suk: Profile, Net Worth, Movies, Drama List, Plastic Surgery, ETC


Actor Lee Jong-suk, The Owner of Fatal Bad Boy Visual

Debuted in 2005 as a runway model, Lee Jong-suk initially trained as an idol group member for three months but quit after the agency broke their promise of debuting him as an actor. Not long after that, he signed with other agency and became an actor who started his role as an extra. However, after his minor appearance as supporting role in the hit drama Secret Garden, where he played a talented young composer with a surly attitude and a forbidden crush on the second male lead, he continued growing his popularity and cementing his position as one of the rising actors of South Korea.

Lee Jong-suk is a very hard working actor as well. Terrifically infamous for his good-looking and nice figure, Lee Jong-suk now mainly get offers and love calls to play as a lead actor. He seems to prefer modern day dramas with some fantasy element as he has mostly picked his characters likewise. His leading role in I Hear Your Voice made him a household name and one of the most sought-after actors in Korea. He also went on to star in the hit dramas Doctor Stranger (2014), Pinocchio (2014-2015), W (2016) and While You Were Sleeping (2017). Let’s dig more about this talented model-turned-actor!

Full Profile of Actor Lee Jong-suk : Age, Zodiac, etc


Name : Lee Jong-suk (이종석)
Chinese Name : 李鍾碩
Nickname : Giving Angel
Occupation : Actor, Model
Agency : Wellmade Yedang (past), YG Entertainment (past), YNK Entertainment
Nationality : South Korean
Date of Birth : September 14, 1989
Place of Birth : Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Chinese Zodiac Sign : Snake
Western Zodiac Sign : Virgo
Blood Type : A
Height : 186 cm (6ft 1in)
Weight : 65 kg
Religion : N/A
Hobbies : Games, Basketball, Piano
Specialty : Taekwondo (black belt)
Family : Parents (Father: Lee Han Kyu), One brother, One sister
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Instagram :
Weibo :

Facts & Trivias About Actor Lee Jong-suk


Lee Jong-suk is known to to have gained mega popularity after his appearance as lead (high school student) in the teen drama School (2013) and continued to rise to stardom through his following projects. But how was his life before? Or have you ever wondered what’s more you should know about this mysterious actor? Here are some facts and trivia about Lee Jong-suk from his pre-debut days until his glory days!

Early Life of Lee Jong-suk : Education, Family, Pre-Debut

  • Yong In Yong Ma Elementary School / 용인 용마초등학교 (1996 – 2001).
  • Yongdong Middle School / 용동중학교 (2002 – 2004).
  • Seoul National Traditional Arts High School / 서울국악예술고등학교 (2005 – 2006, transferred).
  • Yangjae High School / 양재고등학교 (2006 – 2007).
  • Konkuk University – Bachelor of Arts in Cinematography / 건국대학교 예술디자인대학 영화예술학과 학사 (2011 – 2015).
  • Konkuk University – Graduate School of Art and Design / 건국대학교 예술디자인대학원 영화연기 석사 과정 (2016 – present).
  • Jong-suk was born in Yongin, but began to live on his own in Seoul since high school after entering a performing arts school.
  • He has a younger brother (2 years younger than him) and a younger sister (4 years younger than him). Lee Jong-suk’s (younger) brother is taller than him.
  • Lee Jong-suk and his siblings used to slap each other’s heads when they fought.
  • Lee Jong-suk was a top student. He was one of the 2,220 students out of 21,268 who passed the entrance examination in Honkuk University.
  • He got into a performing arts school without studying much while his brother ended up having to stay put and study all the time. That made him choked up and he felt sorry towards his brother when he said that his brother hasn’t thought of anything else because he spent all of his time studying.
  • When he was just three, his father had an accident and never fully recovered from his injuries. This caused a lot of trauma to the little boy. He didn’t communicate with people much, and used to be an introvert till he graduated from high school.
  • Lee Jong-suk said that his father was strict only towards him. He thought his father was displeased with him because he is the eldest and he was quiet and timid compared to his siblings. Nowadays he said that it was not as bad as it was before but he still can’t look over to the main room when his father was there because he was really scary.
  • Jong-suk shared that he liked to play the piano but he was forced to take Taekwondo lessons. He once got in a car accident on the way to Taekwondo and tore the cruciate ligament. He was glad thinking that he didn’t have to go to Taekwondo anymore but as soon as he was released from the hospital his father told him to go back.
  • There was one time he uploaded a photo in which he takes a hand of a woman and it turned out that the lady in the picture was his real mother. The public audience responded that they really feel envy for the mother.
  • One of his inspirations to become an actor was Rain. He was inspired to act by watching Rain perform in Full House and also Kang Dong Wan in Temptation of Wolf. Lee Jong-suk made up his mind to become an actor after he saw Kang Dong Won smiling in the movie, Temptation of Wolves. So he registered to a company, only to get into modeling instead.
  • When he was 15, he started working as a model. He started out as a runway model, working with several top Korean designers. At that time he was the youngest male model of the Seoul Collection program. He was a model for 6 years.
  • He starred in 2NE1’S 2009 music video “I Don’t Care”’ playing Dara’s boyfriend.
  • He trained as an idol group member for 3 months and had signed with an agency for debut but he quit after the agency broke their promise to debut him as an actor.
  • Lee Jong-suk prepared to be a rapper for an idol group called Real for 3 months then quit. The group debuted with a different name.
  • Lee Jong-suk is formerly a trainee of SM Entertainment.

Actor Lee Jong-suk’s Visual & Body : Plastic Surgery, Abs, etc


Lee Jong-suk is one of the most popular South Korean actors today. However, when the photos of his younger days surfaced, he became the centerpiece of plastic surgery rumors. People think he might have done plastic surgery. He has been accused to having done a nose job. This is noticed by comparing pre-debut and current pictures. His nose was bigger and rounder in his pre-debut days which has changed now.

Lee Jong-suk currently has a smaller and pointier nose tip which is a sign of surgery. This has made his nose look better now and makes him confident. Apart from the nose job, he has not been accused of any other surgery like double eyelid or jawline. In fact, he has not undergone any eyes, jaw and lips surgery. He has kept his eyes, jaw, and lips as they are and looks natural with that.


Speaking of his figure, there were several occasions Lee Jong-suk doing a photo shoot for fashion magazines where he showed off his sexy abs. In 2013 star fashion HIGH-CUT, Jong-suk did the photo shoot that took place near Incheon Harbor in blistering hot weather. He was able to easily digest all the 2013 fall/winter collections from overseas luxury brands like Bottega Veneta, Burberry Prorsum, and Prada, to name a few.

Meanwhile in 2014, Jong-suk revealed his well-built upper body for a cover shoot to be featured in the May issue of Ceci magazine. While he has his pajama shirt unbuttoned, he laid down allowing the sunlight to reveal the definition in his abs while striking a princely pose on the carpeted floor. In another photo, even with bed hair and sweats, Lee Jong-suk manages to successfully give off a ‘homme fatale’ aura. He also wore a blazer featuring an interesting pattern with no shirt underneath for another sexy look.

Here is some trivia about Lee Jong-suk’s visuals!

  • Lee Jong-suk has a really pale skin and he is kind of insecure that it doesn’t look manly.
  • There were several times he tried to tan (in order to look manlier) but it always failed. His skin turned red instead.
  • Despite being sought after by designers for his model good looks, he thinks his face is rather ordinary.
  • Lee Jong-suk thought that his face seemed to change during a series and he thought that it was good because it can change according to the changes in the characters he played.
  • Lee Jong-suk is also known for having After School’s Nana as a look-a-like. They also both have September 14 as their birthdays. Many people and also some of idol/celebrities acknowledged them as the ‘long lost twin/siblings’.