Korean Actor Kim Nam-jin: Profile and Facts

Kim Nam-jin’s Appearances in Music Videos

Kim Nam-jin

Kim Nam-jin has appeared in 3 music videos. His first work as a model of music video was SG Wannabe’s Timeless MV in 2004. In 2008, he appeared in SeeYa’s Hateful MV. 2 years later, he appeared in Miss A’s Goodbye Baby‘s MV.

Year Song Title Artist
2004 Timeless SG Wannabe
2008 Hateful SeeYa
2011 Goodbye Baby Miss A


List of Kim Nam-jin’s CFs

Kim Nam-jin

Before he debuted as an actor, Kim Nam-jin had already made his name as a model. Not only was he a runway model, he was also a model for commercial films. Kim has appeared in 7 CFs.

In 1999, he appeared in 3 CFs, Migliore Packy Miri, Millennium Love To You, and SK Telecom. In 2002, he was a model for SKY – 복도 편. In the same year, he shot another CF and it was for Buskin Robbins 31 – Rocky Mountain Moose. In 2003, he appeared in a Nate CF. 4 years later, he shot a CF for Tomato Savings Bank.

No CF (Commercial Film)
1999 CF Migliore Packy Miri (밀리오레 – 팩시미리)
1999 CF Millennium Love To You – Train (밀레니엄 러브 투유 – 기차)
1999 SK Telecom (SK텔레콤)
2002 CF SKY – 복도 편
2002 Buskin Robbins 31 – Rocky Mountain Moose (록키 마운틴 무스 편)
2003 CF Nate – Kim Nam-jin (네이트 – 김남진편)
2007 CF Tomato Savings Bank (토마토저축은행)


Kim Nam-jin’s Appearances on the Stage

Kim Nam-jin

Kim Nam-jin appeared in Kisaragi Micky Zzang play in 2011. He played the part of Riemoto. It has been his only theater appearance until now, but let’s hope that he will come back again soon.

Year Title Role
2011 Kisaragi Micky Zzang Riemoto


Kim Nam-jin’s Awards and Nominations

Kim Nam-jin

Kim Nam-jin has worked in the entertainment industry for 22 years. He has gotten recognition from the public because of his looks and his acting skills. Kim was nominated as Best New Actor at the 24th Blue Dragon Film Awards because of his acting in the drama Spring Bears Love. Later, he got his first award, which was a New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards through a drama that he played called Thousand Years of Love.

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2003 24th Blue Dragon Film Awards Best New Actor Spring Bears Love Nominated
SBS Drama Awards New Star Award Thousand Years of Love Won


3 Years Hiatus, Comeback Photoshoot: Kim Nam-jin

Kim Nam-jin

Kim Nam-jin went on hiatus from 2007 until 2011. His fans wondered why he didn’t appear in any dramas, movies, or CFs. Kim Nam-jin came back in 2011 with his photoshoot.

The actor Kim Nam-jin recently introduced a summer fashion show with bright colors and intense patterns with the concept of ‘color field’, along with the weekly magazine ‘HIGH CUT’.

Kim Nam-jin

He showed his unique fashion sense by matching blue colored pants with vivid colored t-shirts or matching yellow shorts with black sleeveless T-shirts. In addition, he showed his good poses and expressions despite his longtime photographs. His long arms and legs, especially from the model, highlighted his fantastic body.

Kim Nam-jin

In a colorful striped T-shirt, wearing fluorescent blue trousers, and wearing tight three-dimensional pants with a naked body vest, reveals a clear look.

Kim Nam-jin is good at posing and expressing as a model. His long arms and legs complement his fantastic body, and his expressionless face is reminiscent of a mannequin standing in a windowpane.