Profile and Facts About Korean Actor Kim Dae-myung

about actor Kim Dae-myung

All About Actor Kim Dae-myung

Kim Dae-myung is a South Korean senior actor who has been active, starring mostly in movies. He began his acting career through theater performances. Kim Dae-myung has appeared in several movies and dramas without you even noticing. So let’s get to know more about actor Kim Dae-myung.


Kim Dae-myung: Profile and Facts


Real Name = Kim Dae-myeong

Birthday = December 16, 1980

Origin = Seoul, South Korea

Education = Sungkyunkwan University – Acting for Theater, Film and TV

Years Active = 2006 – Present

Agency = Prain TPC



  1. He began his debut a a theater actor.
  2. He became famous after his appearance on the tvN drama Misaeng in 2014.
  3. He won his first award in 2015 at the “8th Korea Drama Awards” in the Excellence Award, Actor category for the drama Misaeng.
  4. He once became a model for a music video in 2015 for the song Brown Eyed Soul Youngjun Think of You.
  5. Most of his acting appearance are in movies.
  6. He joined another 19 Actors cast for one single lead character for the film “Beauty Inside” in 2014.
  7. Im Si-wan saved him from celebrating his birthday alone by posting a photo on Im Si-wan instagram on December 16, 2014.
  8. He had his first photo shoot since his debut for Arena Homme Plus magazine after he played a supporting role on tvN’s drama Misaeng.


List of Kim Dae-myung’s Theatre Play

Kim Dae-myung began his acting career through theatre plays. His first play was in 2007 titled “Come to the Ghost House”. Although he has been actively doing theatre plays until now, his last appearance was in 2011. Here is the list of his theatre play participation from his first act until now.

Kim Dae-myung Theatre play list
Year Play Title Role
2007 Come to the Ghost House Producer
Kang Taek-gu
Pisces Man Kim Jin-man
2008 Subway Line 1 Ttang-soe
Kang Full’s Babo Seung-ryong
2009 The Zoo Story Peter
Assassins John Hinckley Jr.
2011 한놈 두놈 삑구타고 Lee Nak-joong


List of Kim Dae-myung’s Movie and Drama Appearance

Kim Dae-myung began his acting career as actor in 2006 through movie “Puzzle”. He has starred in several popular movies, such as “The Beauty Inside” and “Pandora”. Kim Dae-myung has also worked on several dramas, such as the KBS drama “The Sound of Your Heart” and also the most popular drama that made him become well known which was the tvN drama “Misaeng”. Check out the list of his movies and drama appearances below.

Kim Dae-myung Movie List
Year Movie Title Role
2006 Puzzle
2010 The Lost Thing (Short Film)
Blue Ocean (Short Film)
2012 All Bark No Bite Doo-chang
2013 The Terror Live Park Shin-woo (Voice)
2014 Broken Yang Tae-seop
The Target Jang Gyu-ho
The Fatal Encounter Kang Yong-hwi
Tazza: The Hidden Card Billiards hall owner
My Dictator Stage actor
2015 The Beauty Inside Woo-jin
The Exclusive: Beat the Devil’s Tattoo Han Seung-woo
Inside Men Reporter Goh
2016 Pandora Gil-seop
Canola Fitness Trainer (Cameo)
The Last Princess Kim Bong-guk (Cameo)
2017 Bluebeard Seung-geun
2018 Golden Slumber Jang Dong-gyu
Drug King Lee Doo-hwan


Kim Dae-myung Drama List
Year Network Drama Title Role
2014 tvN Misaeng Kim Dong-shik
2015 KBS2 Drama Special “Red Moon” Crown Prince Seon,
Prince Sado
2016 The Sound of Your Heart Jo Joon


Kim Dae-myung’s Appearance on tvN’s Leaving the Nest?

Kim Dae-myung never joined the tvN show Leaving the Nest in any season. The actor who joined is named Ki Dae-myung. Ki Dae-myung was born in 1994 while actor Kim Dae-myung was born in 1980. Ki Dae-myung is the son of congressman Ki Dong-min. Please be more careful when typing their name when searching on search engines because they are two different people.