All About Korean Actor Kang Seok-woo: Profile, Family, Dramas, and Movies

Kang Seok-woo

Kang Seok-woo is a veteran actors in South Korea. He began his career in the entertainment industry through a movie called Yeosu (The Loneliness of the Journey) in 1978. He worked in many movies in the 80s and 90s. He began acting on dramas in 1982. His first drama was Ordinary People that was airing on KBS1.

Kang has appeared in 21 movies and 42 dramas since his debut.

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Kang Seok-woo’s Profile

Kang Seok-woo

Name : Kang Seok-woo (강석우)

Real name :  Kang Man-heung (강만흥)

Birth place : Seoul, South Korea

Birth date : October 1, 1957

Occupation : Actor, and Radio DJ

Education : Dongguk University – Theater and Film

Spouse : Na Yeon-shin (나연신)


Kang Seok-woo as a Father

Kang Seok-woo

Kang Seok-woo is one of the cast members on the SBS reality program Take Care of My Dad. Take Care of My Dad is a reality program about celebrity fathers in their 50’s interacting with their daughters in their 20’s. The program has had a high rating since the pilot episode. Kang appeared with his daughter Kang Da-eun. The two of them show the chemistry between a father and a daughter. Kang Seok-woo is a thoughtful and strict dad. On the first episode, we could see the awkward atmosphere between them. However, their relationship developed in a positive direction during the show.

Kang Seo-woo’s Appearances on Dramas

Kang Seok-woo

Although, Kang Seok-woo made his debut in 1978, his first appearance on a drama was in 1982. He acted in the KBS1 drama Ordinary People. Two years later, he appeared on KBS1’s The Person I Love. He also played Lee Mong-ryong on KBS2’s TV Tale of Chunhyang. In 1987, he played Lee Myung-hoo on MBC’s Face of the City. A year later, he played King Sukjong on MBC’s 500 Years of Joseon: Queen Inhyeon.

In the 1990s and 2000s, he worked exclusively in dramas. He shot at least 2 dramas every year at that time. Kang’s latest drama was Father is Strange that aired on KBS2. He played Cha Gyu-taek. The drama was about a family that lived on the outskirts of Seoul, one day a young man, who was a member of an idol group shows up and claiming that he is the son of the family.

Up until middle of 2018, Kang Seok-woo has starred in 42 dramas. Here is the list of his dramas.


Year Title Role Network
1982 Ordinary People KBS1
1984 The Person I Love KBS1
TV Tale of Chunhyang Lee Mong-ryong KBS2
1987 Face of the City Lee Myung-hoo MBC
1988 500 Years of Joseon: Queen Inhyeon King Sukjong MBC
1991 Beyond the Mountains Sang-woo MBC
The Royal Path King Jeongjo KBS1
Honeymoon KBS2
1992 Promise Hyun-woo MBC
Morning Thaw Lee Chae-hoon SBS
For Love Seo Yoon-jae KBS2
1994 The Lonely Man Dr. Ryu Shi-hyung KBS2
That Window Yoo Seung-ha SBS
1995 가면 속의 천사 KBS2
Love Anthem Lee Cheol-kyu SBS
Thaw SBS
1996 Icing Director Ahn MBC
Temptation Kyung-hwan KBS2
1998 Aim for Tomorrow Hwang Jung-goo MBC
1999 School Yang Dong-chul KBS2
2000 Look Back in Anger Hwang Byung-ki KBS2
Ajumma Jang Jin-gu MBC
Love Cruise KBS2
2001 How Should I Be? Gong Byung-dae MBC
Wonderful Days Yoon Ji-ho SBS
2002 Confession Park Sang-il MBC
2003 Not Divorced Song Ji-seok KBS2
Sharp 1 Lee Sang-heum KBS2
2004 Love Is All Around Yeon Sung-hoon MBC
The Age of Heroes Cheon Il-guk MBC
2005 Sharp 2 Lee Sang-heum KBS2
Wedding Lee Jung-il KBS2
2006 Sharp 3 Lee Sang-heum KBS2
Pure in Heart Hong Poong-goo KBS1
2007 Landscape in My Heart Na Pan-soo KBS1
2008 You Are My Destiny Kim Dae-gu KBS1
2009 Smile, You Seo Jung-gil SBS
2010 Smile Again Kim Joon KBS1
2012 Can We Get Married? Dong-gun jTBC
2013 Give Love Away Song Ho-seob MBC
2014 Glorious Day Seo Min-sik SBS
2017 Father is Strange Cha Gyu-taek KBS2