Korean Actor Jang Tae-sung’s Profile and Movie List


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Popular Supporting Actor Jang Tae-sung

Jang Tae-sung is a South Korean actor from Madin Entertainment. He debuted in 2000 as a supporting role in KBS’s drama School 3. Although he is still active as an actor, most of his appearances in dramas and movies are as a supporting role. Let’s get to know more about actor Jang Tae-sung

Actor Jang Tae-sung’s Profile

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Real Name: Jang Tae-Seong

Birthday: September 27, 1980

Origin: Busan, South Korea

Zodiac: Libra

Height: 180 cm

Weight: He used to weigh 120 kg before, but now is between 50 kg to 100 kg

Education: Dongguk University – Theater and Film

Married: 2013

Years Active: 2000 – Present

Talent Agency: Star Iyagi Entertainment

Agency: Madin Entertainment


List of Jang Tae-sung’s Movies and TV Shows

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Jang Tae-sung has already participated in 10 movies and 19 dramas since his debut. Although he has also appeared in several famous TV dramas such as KBS2’s Becoming a Billionaire and Bigman, his existence in dramas isn’t really grabbing the attention of the public. We hope he will get the main role in his next project! Here is the list of his appearances in movies and dramas.

Jang Tae-sung’s Movie List
Year Movie Title Role
2001 Kick the Moon Jang Hak-Doo
2002 Jail Breakers Cheol-Gu
2004 A Wacky Switch Blackmailer 2
2005 Tarzan Park Heung-Suk Lee Bok-Dong
2007 Magang Hotel Jang Yong-Sang
Pornmaking for Dummies Byung-Gyu
2012 Code Name: Jackal Detective Seok
2013 Tough as Iron Lee Byeong-Hee
Days of Wrath Doo-Joon
2016 Insane Department Head Go


Jang Tae-sung’s Drama List
Year Network Drama Title Role
2000 KBS2 School 3 Lee Jae-Min
2001 Orient Theatre Kim Du-han
2002 Sunshine Hunting Kim Jae-Hyuk
SBS Orange Jang Tae-Sung
2004 KBS2 April Kiss Noh Kong-Tak
2005 MBC Sisters of the Sea Jung In-chul
2006 KBS2 Goodbye Solo Moodugi
2007 MBC Que Sera, Sera
KBS2 Capital Scandal Chu Geun-deok
Drama City “무공족구외전” Yang Kwang-Tae
2008 The Kingdom of the Winds Maro
2009 Hometown Legends

“The Grudge Island”

Hot Blood Yong-gu
2010 Becoming a Billionaire Ohsung Hotel bellman
Mom Is Pretty Too Oh Jung-chul
2012 MBC God of War Won-bal
KBS2 Jeon Woo-chi Bok-mal
2013 KBS1 Dream of the Emperor Buyeo Pung
jTBC Love in Her Bag Eun Kyung-ho
2014 KBS1 Jeong Do-Jeon Hwang Cheon-bok
KBS2 Big Man Yang Dae-Sub
Single-minded Dandelion Jang Young-man
2015 KBS1 The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War Wanli Emperor
jTBC Beating Again
2016 KBS2 That Sun in the Sky Ma Chul-Hee