All You Need to Know About Ko So-young: Movies, Baby, Drama List, Wedding, etc

about actress Ko So-young

All About Actress Ko So-young

Ko So-young is a South Korean actress and model. She is well known as a fashionista through her fashion and beauty blog. Ko So-young debuted in 1990, and took a long hiatus until 2013 but made her acting comeback in 2017. She is already married, which keeps her busy as an actress, wife, and mother. Let’s get to know more about actress Ko So-young


Ko So-young: Full Profile and Facts

About Ko So-young


Real Name : Ko So-young

Other Name : Go So-young

Birthday : October 6, 1972

Origin : Seoul, South Korea

Height : 166 cm

Blood Type : A

Education : Chung-Ang University – Department Theater and Film | Korea University – Department of Computer Science

Years Active : 1990 – 2007 | 2013 – Present

Agency : King Entertainment (2016 – 2018) | Culture Depot (2018 – Present)

Instagram: @kosoyoung_official


  1. She used to be a beauty blogger.
  2. She once had a fashion brand called KOSOYOUNG. It was first revealed in ‘First Look’ magazine.
  3. She is disappointed because many people think that she can’t cook.
  4. She made a homemade tofu for a sharing campaign in 2012.
  5. She donated around $100,000 in honor of her son, Minjun, for his first birthday in October 2011.
  6. She made homemade baby food for her children.
  7. She enjoys going shopping with her children.
  8. She admits that she really likes to eat, despite her skinny image.

Ko So-young and Her Fashion Business Story


Ko So-young is well known as one of the fashion icons in the entertainment industry. She started her fashion business in 2013 with brand KOSOYOUNG. Ko So-young became a chief designer for her personal fashion brand. She started her first collection showcase for 2013 Spring/Summer. Since then, her collections were popular and were sold extensively through online websites, home shopping channels, and other various retailers. Six months after its launching, it was unprecedented to score a store alongside high-end brands; including Valencia, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, and more at the BOONTHESHOP.

However, KOSOYOUNG was last seen in stores for 2014 Fall/Winter at Shinsegye Centrum City Mall, along with the lost sight at WIZWID online shopping website. At the brand launching time, Ko So-young recruited as Creative Director for CJ O Shopping’s fashion consulting affiliate company O Trend Rap. Unfortunately, the company disbanded, which led to KOSOYOUNG being closed down by the end of 2014. The disbandment also made the collaboration with STELLA & YK brand with stylist Jung Yoon-ki.


Ko So-young and Jang Dong-gun’s Relationship Status

Ko So-young and Jang Dong-gun couple

Ko So-young and Jang Dong-gun are a couple for life. They got married at Seoul’s Shilla Hotel on May 2, 2010. The couple first met as co-stars through the 1999 movie “Love Wind, Love Song”. Although they were denying the rumors at the time, they admitted that they were dating a few years later.