Know More About Shin Se-kyung From Her Drama List to Her Bikini Photos!

Shin Se-kyung Movies and TV Shows

Shin Se Kyung first appeared in the film My Little Bride in 2004, then in 2006 she was cast in the lead role in Cinderella, as Hyeon-su.

Shin Se-kyung

The film tells the story of Hyun-su, a high school student living with her mother while her father has left them for a long time. Do Ji-won plays Yoon-hee, a plastic surgeon. One by one, Hyun-su’s friends have face-tightening, eye lifting and other procedures performed by Yoon-hee. After that, they all began to see ghosts and experience the urge to hurt themselves. When her friends begin to die, Hyun-su must investigate her mother’s past to reveal a deadly secret.

The film was very successful and gained Shin Se-kyung a lot of recognition, after which she received many other film offers. The following is a list of films that she starred in, from the beginning of her career until now:

  • My Little Bride in 2004 (as Hye-won)
  • Cinderella in 2006 (as Hyeon-su)
  • Five Senses of Eros in 2009 (as Shin Su-jeong)
  • Acoustic in 2010 (as Se-kyung)
  • Hindsight in 2011 (as Jo Se-bin)
  • R2B: Return to Base in 2012 (as Yoo Se-young)
  • Tazza: The Hidden Card in 2014 (as Heo Mi-na)
  • The Preparation in 2017 (as Kyeong-ran)

Shin Se-kyung’s drama list :

  • The Land in 2004 (as teenage Choi Seo-hee) on SBS
  • Queen Seondeok in 2009 (as teenage Princess Cheonmyeong) on MBC
  • High Kick Through the Roof in 2009 (as herself) On MBC
  • Deep Rooted Tree in 2011 (as So-yi/Dam) on SBS
  • High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged in 2012 (as Se-kyung) on MBC
  • Fashion King in 2012 (as Lee Ga-young) on SBS
  • My Husband Got a Family in 2012 (as herself) on KBS2
  • When a Man Falls in Love in 2013 (as Seo Mi-do) on MBC
  • Blade Man in 2014 (as Son Se-dong) on KBS2
  • A Girl Who Sees Smells in 2015 (as Oh Cho-rim/ Choi Eun-seol) on SBS
  • Six Flying Dragons in 2015-2016 (as Bon-yi) on SBS
  • The Bride of Habaek in 2017 (as Yoon So-ah) on tvn
  • Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me in 2017-2018 (as Jung Hae-ra) on KBS2

In addition to dramas and films, she has also been involved in reality shows, namely:

  • I’m Real : Shin Se-kyung (2010-QTV)
  • Forever 22-yead old Cheerleader Sanoam (2012-SBS)

Who is Shin Se-kyung’s Boyfriend?

This one artist has never had many rumors about her love story. As we know, in 2010 she established a relationship with SHINee’s Jonghyun and they broke up in 2011. After their breakup, Shin Se-kyung was never involved in rumors of dating and she, herself, claimed to be more interested in drama than romance. So, until now there was little news or evidence that she was close to someone else, or even had a relationship.