Are You A Tinkerbell? Check Out KNK’s Seungjun’s Cute & Funny Moments, Here!


Get To Know Seungjun The Cutest Member of KNK

Seungjun had the real name Park Gyeongbok before he changed it legally to Park Seungjun. Because get teased a lot when he was younger, he changed his name again,  this time to Park Seoham (Hangeul: 박서함). He used to be a trainee in Big Hit Entertainment and was even training with the members of BTS. He moved to JYP Entertainment and got trained with the GOT7 members after he took 2nd place at the company’s 10th Open Audition on February 19, 2013.

Not only is he good at singing and dancing, Seunjun is also a talented actor. He played as the younger version of Lee Sangwoo’s character and a part of the boy-band Boys Be Ambitious, along with Inseong, Jihun, Heejun and Youjin in the drama 20th Century Boy and Girl. He also acted in the web dramas Just One Bite Season 2 and Essential Love Culture. Let’s get to know about some of his funny and cute moments in the Channel-Korea article below!

Weekly Idol

The KNK members were invited to be guests on Weekly Idol, the variety show that has unique segments like Random Play Dance, which plays any random song that has been promoted by the guests. Usually the song will stop in a random place and the guests have to adapt fast and change the choreography as soon as the new melody begins. This segment attracts funny and messy situation during the show.

Look at KNK episode above. Seungjun has been making the group laugh. When the song changed, he tripped on his steps and distracted the rest of his group. On another round, Seungjun was again being silly, he imitated the girl-group choreography exaggeratedly, and made everyone else in the room laugh at him as he imitated a sexy dance using his hands and body.

Ghost Reaction

Seungjun and the other KNK members got challenged to watch the video reaction. The staff already set up the frame, and a person in a ghost mask was ready in to appear behind them after they watched the video.

Seungjun’s reaction was so impressive, he was scared and surprised when he saw the dance video suddenly change to ghost in a second. The funniest part was when the masked ghost came up from behind him. He didn’t know anyone was there, and it really startled him. He fell from his chair onto the floor after watching the ghost in the middle of choreography video, then shouted out when seeing the real one. After comparing his to other members’ reactions, no doubt he was the winner of master reaction. He is the most funny and, really, the pure one! You can watch his reaction above, andh ave a good laugh.

Horror Movie

On this segment, Seungjun was challenged to watch a horror movie. He only lasted for two minutes, then he couldn’t take any more and had to leave the room. He tried again, and that time he closed his eyes. He started hear minor music and sounds and he could not stand still; he decided to step out from the room again. He said he could stay if somebody would keep him company as he watched the horror movie.

He tried several times to continue this challenge, but he kept having to leave the room. He then agree to be in the room with or without noticing the movie for only 30 minutes. But in the end, he couldn’t pass this challenge. He could not stand the horror melody and ran from the room.

The challenge showed that he was very scared of ghosts or anything in relation to horror scenes. Seungjun discovered that even the horror music disturbed him and made him afraid to look.

His reaction and how he managed himself during this challenges were so much fun and so expressive. But he failed the challenge. Poor, yet funny Seungjun!

Laugh Compilation

Seungjun is a spontaneous and expressive person. He could make any situation lively. Check out this laugh compilation from Seungjun of KNK. He can easily burst into laughter in any situation. A lot of the time, the rest of the members of the group have to ask him what he’s laughing about.

Seungjun’s laugh is contagious, and he uses it without any hesitation. He often can’t stop his laughing in some situations. He sometime can’t hold in his laughter, which makes the other members confused, yet still smiling at him.

So that’s all about Seungjun KNK’s cute and funny moments. Support him in his career, and keep sending your brightest smile. Don’t forget to give your comments below and share your thoughts on this Channel-Korea!