Check Out Former KNK Member Park Seung-jun’s Acting Debut in ’20th Century Boy and Girl’


Park Seungjun

Let’s Get The Details About Park Seung-jun

Park Seo-ham (Born: Park Gyung-bok) is also known as Park Seung-jun and is the main rapper, vocalist, and visual of the boy-group KNK under 220 Entertainment. He was a former Big Hit Entertainment trainee, along with the members of the boy-group BTS. When he moved to JYP Entertainment, he became an actor trainee after he won the second place at the company’s 10th Open Audition on February 19, 2013.

Before debuting with KNK, he was a backup dancer for the live performances of their YNB labelmate girl group Bestie’s “Zzang Christmas” as well as “I Need You”. In 2017, Park Seung Jun debuted as an actor in a drama titled 20th Century Boy and Girl.

In this article, we are going to talk about his role in his first drama, so here we go!

Park Seung-jun’s Acting Debut in 20th Century Boy and Girl

Park Seung Jun

20th Century Boy and Girl was a drama that tells about a top actress/singer who has an innocent soul in contrast to her gorgeous look, a slender airline stewardess who loves food, and a young attorney who luckily landed a job at a private law firm but finds herself working long hours.

All three of these women were members of the Bongo clique from the time they used to live in the same Seoul Mansion apartment complex. They still stay in touch despite their busy lives. Appearance-wise, one friend seems to have a successful acting career, and the other two work in reputable professions in the airline industry and law, but they deal with a lot of stress in their lives.

Their lives in their thirties in the big city of Seoul is a stressful one and they try to rekindle the lives they had when they were in their innocent teens while also searching for love and maintaining their deep friendship. (Source: MBC America)

In this drama, Park Seung-jun plays the role as a young Anthony, a former boy-band member of Boys Be Ambitious. Sa Jin-jin’s crush since young. He is also Ji-won’s stepbrother.

Park Seung-jun in I’m the Actor

Park Seungjun

On March 7, a source from iHQ Entertainment stated that they will be producing a new show for idols who want to try their hand at acting. The show is titled Idol Acting Competition – I’m an Actor (literal title), and Seung-jun is one of the contestants from several idols who participated in this variety show.

Ahn Hyuk Mo, the director of iHQ Entertainment’s training center and acting coach of famous stars like Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Gum, and Suzy will also be appearing on the show as a mentor for the idol participants.

The idols will be engaging in on-the-spot acting competitions which will also determine a ranking. The final winner will be given the opportunity to star in a new iHQ drama. The show is also set to incorporate elements such as rigorous learning and accomplishing missions.

Latest News

Park Seungjun

As we mentioned before, Park Seung-jun is not Seung-jun anymore, he changed his name to Park Seo-ham. On his birthday, Seung-jun told about this through the KNK official Fancafe. Park Seung-jun decided to change his name to Park Seoham. This is the third time he’s changed the name of Park Gyeong-bok to Park Seung-jun and changed it again to Park Seo-ham.

He wrote, “I have been discussing to be (Park) Gyeongbok again but my family did not approve it and my father gave an opinion to change my real name again,” “My name changed to Park Seo-ham. You may call me by any name as comfortable as you.”

Park Seung-jun often interacts with his fans by uploading photos often as below.


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Park Seung-jun is currently playing in the web drama titled Necessary Dating Education. It is a university romance drama about six freshmen who are learning about love.

Three idols are part of the cast: fromis_9’s Jang GyuRi, LOONA’s Chuu, and KNK’s SeoHam. The cast also includes actress Oh SeYoung, rookie actor Kim MinChul, and Kim DongGyu.

The drama will air every Friday and Saturday on Olleh tv and tvN D STORY on YouTube and Facebook.

So, don’t miss Park Seung-jun appearance in this drama!