K-Drama Review: Don’t Miss Pak Hae-jin and Kim Eung-soo’s Hilarious Story in ‘Kkondae Intern’


Kkondae Intern—A Comedy Drama About Seniority In The Workplace

Koreans consider age and seniority as one of the most important parts of interaction in the workplace. Many times, seniors underestimate younger colleagues simply because of their age.

KKondae Intern makes fun with seniority and age in the workplace. Park Hae-jin is a talented employee but receives no respect from his superior. His superior always scolds him without any reason. Fast forward several years later, the tables are turned. His former superior becomes his subordinate. Will Park Hae-jin do the same thing and pay back his hardship? Find out about his interaction with his superior-turned-subordinate intern in Kkondae Intern.

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 Kkondae Intern Review


Kkondae Intern is a comedy drama about life and seniority in the workplace. Kkondae Intern aired every Wednesday and Thursday from May 20th to July 1st, 2020. Senior actor, Kim Eung-soo, collaborated with actors Park Hae-jin, Han Ji-eun, and Park Ki-woong in this comedy K-Drama.

Park Hae-jin performed as Ga Yul-chan, a young employee, who experiences a difficult life in his workplace. After graduating from university, Ga Yul-chan works in a marketing company under the supervision of a tough manager, Lee Man-shik. His manager, played by Kim Eung-soo, always scolds him in front of other employees, sometimes even for a simple mistake.

Tired of his manager’s constant nagging, Ga Yul-chan quits his job and applies for a job at a rival company. The working atmosphere in the second company is excellent. His talent stands out from other employees and he quickly earns a promotion. Within a short time, he becomes the head of the marketing department.


Meanwhile, Lee Man-shik gets himself in trouble for arguing with his superior. He is released from his position and he must find a job in order to support his family. Surprisingly, for a man of his position, he finds it very difficult to get a job. After a series of rejections, he finally lands a job as a senior intern at a rival company. To his surprise, the employee that he used to scold has become his supervisor. The tables are turned and Lee Man-shik must report to his superior, Ga Yul-chan. Ga Yul-chan is surprised upon finding that the new intern is his previous manager.

KKondae Intern revolves around the story of Ga Yul-chan’s struggle in his first company and his second meeting with the previous manager, Lee Man-shik. Will he treat the senior intern like any other intern or give him a taste of his previous treatment.


As the leading male character, Park Hae-jin performs as a calm and dependable employee/manager. There are lots of funny and comic scenes of love and hate interaction between Park Hae-jin and Kim Eung-woo. Their chemistry is very fun and entertaining to watch. Even though this kind of plot is incredibly rare, people must notice that life in the workplace is challenging and stressful, especially when you must work with difficult colleagues.

Kkondae Intern: The Cast

Park Hae-jin as Ga Yul-chan


Ga Yul-chan is a gentle and caring manager. He joins Junsu food at a difficult time. Due to his smart business strategy, he develops hot chicken noodles that become an overnight sensation. Sale improves dramatically and his company is safe from bankruptcy. He gains a promotion within only five years, while usually, it takes around 15 years to finally occupy a manager position.

His body, mind, and head act super fast. He works twice as harder and longer than normal employees. He loves improving his own talent. He is a kind and warm manager who never humiliates his subordinates.

He used to work as an intern at a rival company. His previous manager would always find time to scold and make fun of him in front of other employees. In order to escape from the hot-tempered manager, he quit his intern job and applied for a job at a rival company. His fortune turns 180 degrees and his talent blossoms. He is reborn as a new man. In the second company, he must manage a senior intern who happens to be his previous manager.

Kim Eung-soo as Lee Man-shik


He is the top manager in the marketing department. He looks down upon young employees and oftentimes scolds them without apparent reason. Since he is the oldest manager, Lee Man-sik speaks freely with other employees who are much younger than him. He loves to interfere with the private life of his junior. He considers himself a wise man and gives unnecessary advice to his subordinates. Many times, he tries to be friendly with his colleagues.

Lee Man-sik has worked in his company for more than 30 years. He put work and company before family. Even when his child was sick and his mother passed away, he still went to work. One day, he argues with a superior. Due to the argument, his superior fires him. He waits patiently for re-employment because he thinks highly of himself. In the end, he finds it very difficult to find a new job. One of his friends asks him to apply as a senior intern in the emerging rival company. Surprisingly, he meets a superior who happened to be his previous employee.

Han Ji-eun as Lee Tae-ri


Lee Tae-ri loves eating and trying new things. She feels the need to follow the fashion trend each and every time. However, she is always late in discovering new fashion trends. Her style is outdated even though she thinks otherwise.

Lee Tae-ri is a hard-working office worker. No matter how trivial the work is, she always does it diligently. She barely passes the examination as a trainee. She always messes things up and never learns to organize her work. Her work is a total mess and her emotions always fluctuate. Her active and easygoing personality make her very lovable.

Park Ki-woong as Namgoong Joon-soo


Namgoong Joon-soo is the only son of the Junsu Food CEO. He is destined to be the successor of his father’s company. He occupies the head of the directors’ board but he can’t make any decision without his father’s approval. Later, he finds out that his father never trusted anyone at all.

Namgoong Joon-soo only cares about one man, Ga Yul-chan. He couldn’t sleep during the last six months before the CEO election. His father hesitated in giving the company to his own son.

Kkondae Intern: The Soundtrack


Five Reasons Why You Should Watch Kkondae Intern


Kkondae Intern is fun and entertaining to watch. The plot is simple and direct but perfectly directed so that viewers can stay on their couch and watch this comedy drama until the end. Find out the top five reasons to watch Kkondae Intern in the following list.

  1. Comedy

The love and hate interaction between Lee Man-shik and Ga Yul-chan is very fun to watch, especially when Ga Yul-chan finds out about the identity of the senior intern. Through his vast experience, Lee Man-shik finds a way to make Ga Yul-chan forget about his previous hardship.

  1. Relatable working issues.

In the workplace, there are always troublesome colleagues that make life at work challenging. The most important thing is to deal with the problem and find the perfect solution. For employees, the workplace is like a battlefield, one must assert dominance and cooperate in order to survive and be successful.

  1. The other side of the story

Outside of the workplace, employees are a whole different person with whole different issues. There is an explanation or reason behind a colleague’s character. Before jumping to conclusions, one must discover the other side of the story. In his first company, other employees must have thought that Ga Yul-chan is a helpless and useless employee because the manager always scolds him. In the second company, when he has a supporting superior, he excels and stands out from other employees.

  1. Simple plot

KKondae Intern has a simple plot but has a lot of side stories. In order to support the simple plot, the writer and director made various interesting and funny side stories. This drama is light and doesn’t require serious thought.

  1. The chemistry between the senior actor and the junior actor

As a senior actor, Kim Eung-soo amazed viewers with his acting skills. He can perform both the hot-tempered manager and the cunning intern. Meanwhile, Park Hae-jin’s character is a rather calm and boring character. There isn’t an extra emotion from his character. On the set, both actors have good chemistry and enjoy working with each other. However, Park Hae-jin must use this chance to find acting advice from the senior actor.


That was all the information about Kkondae Intern. It’s a funny and entertaining K-Drama. Every employee can relate to Park Hae-jin’s character. Don’t forget to kindly share your opinion about Kkondae Intern.