K-Drama Review: Zombie Attack In The Joseon Era In ‘Kingdom Season 1’

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Another Zombie Attack Experience From Kingdom!

We’re back with another K-Drama Review, and this time we’ll be taking a look at the popular zombie-themed series, Kingdom! For those of you who haven’t watched the drama yet, this review might help you decide if this is a series that appeals to you. Kingdom started airing on January 25, 2019 and gained a lot of attention due to the story-line and its own characteristics. In this article, Channel Korea will give you the details about the first season of Kingdom, so stay tuned!

Kingdom: Review

k-drama kingdom

In the drama’s first season, Kingdom told a story about a zombie attack set against the backdrop of the Joseon Dynasty. It all started when Lee Chang (played by Joo Ji-hoon), a Crown Prince from the Joseon Dynasty discovers a conspiracy among the highest ranks of political authority. It happened right after his father, the King of the Joseon Dynasty, fell prey to an epidemic disease which led him to become a zombie during his health treatment.

At first, Lee Chang wanted to see his father but the queen (played by Kim Hye-jun) seemed to be preventing him from doing sot. Being skeptical, Lee Chang also found out that the queen and the Minister Jo Hak-joo (played by Ryoo Seung-ryong) were hiding the truth about his father’s health. Then Lee Chang decided to look for the famous physician Lee Seung-hi in the suburbs with his personal guard, Moo Young (played by Kim Sang-ho). The famous physician held the ‘key’ about his father’s health, as well.


While looking for Lee Seung-hi, Lee Chang and Moo Young made a surprising discovery: a bunch of dead bodies. It turns out that those dead bodies could revive themselves right after the sun goes down. The discovery was first made by physicians named Seo Bi (played by Bae Doo-na), who worked to taking care of war victims, and Young Shin (played by Kim Sung-kyu).

The dead bodies who revived again were zombie. Those zombies were created after Young Shin accidentally boiled someone named Dan-I and then he fed the results to victims of war. After eating the meat soup, people who consumed it became zombies. People started to think that the King of Joseon might have been turned into a zombie, as well. Since then, the horrible journey of Lee Chang along with zombies began, with the additional challenge of his struggle to avoid the palace guard who wanted to catch him.

Scenes from Kingdom

Let’s take a look at some of the fascinating scenes in Kingdom season 1!


The first scene shows Prince Lee Chang and the queen. At that time, Lee Chang was asking for her permission to see his father and check out his health. However, the queen refused her permission, and humiliated him instead.


People in the palace started to get suspicious about the mystery of King Joseon’s health issues. There was news that the King had died, and when Lee Chang snuck into his father’s room, he didn’t find him there. Meanwhile, Lee Chang heard some strange and inhuman sounds.


When the war victims were fed the ‘strange’ meat soup which was actually made with human meat, the disaster was happened. Suddenly, they became a bunch of zombies and started to attack people!


The zombie outbreak started spreading rapidly. People all over the palace, in another village, and in the surrounding area were terrified, and they didn’t know how to get rid of those horrible zombies!


One of the most anticipated scenes in Kingdom season 1! Lee Chang, Moo Young, Ahn Hyeon, and the other people were getting ready to pass a zombie attack!

Spoiler Alert: Kingdom Season 1 Final Episode

The ending of Kingdom season 1 was full of unexpected things, since there was some unrevealed stuff, as well. Even though the ending left a bunch of questions, overall it was a good ending! The final episode revealed the preparations for war from Lee Chang and Ahn Hyeon. They also prepared a bunch of troops to fight against the zombies in the night.

However, the zombie attack hadn’t started by the time the sun came up. The troops burst into cheers, but then they realized something had gone wrong. At that time, it was winter, which meant that the zombies weren’t limited to attacking at night, but could also do it in the morning. Then, the real zombie attack began and the troops had to repel them.

That was pretty much the spoiler for the ending! Overall, Kingdom season 1 was really amazing with its own story-line and plot twists, as well. For those of you who are looking for another zombie-themed recommendation, then Kingdom season 1 is highly recommended for you!

Kingdom: The Cast

k-drama kingdom

Channel Korea will introduce you some of the main characters in Kingdom season 1.

Joo Ji-hoon as Lee Chang

lee chang

Lee Chang was the crown prince in Joseon and the heir of the throne. He was about to search for the truth behind his father’s health issue, which was being hidden by the queen and the minister. During his investigation, he found out that there was a zombie outbreak.

Kim Sang-ho as Moo Young

kim sang ho

Moo Young was Lee Chang’s personal guard, who known for his loyalty towards the crown prince. During Lee Chang’s investigation, he accompanied the prince on his terrible journey.

Kim Hye-jun as The Queen

kim hye jun

The Queen of Joseon was known for her cunning. She was the daughter of Minister Jo Hak-joo, and both of them were struggling to destroy the crown prince, Lee Chang. The queen lied about being pregnant and giving birth of a son, just so she could revoke the Crown Prince’s power and status as the heir to the throne.

Ryoo Seung-ryong as Jo Hak-joo

ryoo seung ryong

Jo Hak-joo was the prime minister in the palace and the father of the queen. Just like his daughter, he also wanted to steal Lee Chang’s position, which also made him become such a cruel person.

Heo Jon-hoo as Ahn Hyeon

ahn hyeon

Ahn Hyeon used to be a mentor for Lee Chang. Previously, he was also the governor in Joseon and he was very popular among the Joseon people. Ahn Hyeon helped Lee Chang and Moo Young during the zombie outbreak, as well.