Kingdom: Members’ Profiles, Fun Facts, Debut Era, and More!

Kingdom’s First Debut With History of Kingdom: Part I. Arthur


The boy group Kingdom officially debuted on February 21, 2021, by releasing the group’s first mini-album entitled History of Kingdom: Part I. Arthur with “Excalibur” serving as its title track. In the mini-album, Kingdom released 7 tracks including “Excalibur,” and they emphasized the dance-pop genre.

Since the group’s name is Kingdom, it also revealed that the 7 members represent 7 kingdoms and 7 kings. The group’s first mini-album deals with the story of King Arthur.


The group’s debut has been awaited for a long time, especially with the appearance of Dann and Arthur who were previously known as VARSITY members. After Kingdom released its first mini-album, it continuously released the second and third mini-album entitled History of Kingdom: Part II. Chiwoo and History of Kingdom: Part III. Ivan respectively.

Kingdom’s MV and Live Stage Performances


You can watch and listen to a bunch of Kingdom’s amazing music videos and the group’s live performances through these clips:

The “Excalibur” single was marked as the group’s first debut single which rapidly gained a lot of attention. From the music video, you can feel as though you are watching a fantasy short movie with the cinematography and beautiful scenes!



The “Karma” MV is also as amazing as the “Excalibur” MV, but this time, it hit different since the scenes and the cinematography remind us of a classic, historical Korean kingdom!


That is everything about the boy group Kingdom! Ever since the group’s first debut, they have drawn attention, especially with their royal concept as if they are a bunch of kings from fairytales. Tell us who is your bias in Kingdom. Write your comment regarding that matter down below, and you can also share this article on your social media!