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List of Kim Young-ae’s Movies and Dramas

Kim Young-ae movie and drama list

Kim Young-ae first appeared as a guest on MBC’s “Chief Inspector” in 1971. She later rose to fame in 1973, staring in movies and dramas until now. Kim Young-ae was recruited through MBC 3rd Open Recruitment in 1971. She was well known as an actress with wide range role in entertainment industries. Kim Young-ae usually was seen as mother role in drama, and was known for her iconic supporting role in every drama and movie. Through her appearances until her last breath, Kim Young-ae won 21 awards in total since her first award in 1974. Here is the list of Kim young-ae’s movies and drama appearances.

Kim Young-ae Movie List
Year Movies Title
1973 Long Live the Island Frogs
A Female Sailor
1976 Wang Sib Ri, My Hometown
An Unfortunate Woman
An Extinguished Window
1977 The First Snow
Snow Country
1978 Climax
A Light Goes Off in Your Window
1979 Romance Gray
Red Gate to Tragedy
Portrait of a Rock
Who Know This Pain?
1980 The Hidden Hero
The Outsiders
A Fine, WIndy Day
1981 Freezing Point ‘81
Ban Geum-ryeon
Love Me Once Again 2
Two Sons
Suddenly at Midnight
1982 The Carriage Running into Winter
The Whereabouts of Eve
I Loved
Champions of Tomorrow
1983 Fiery Wind
Madam Oh’s Day Out
The Rose and the Gambler
1984 Like a Petal of a Leaf
Woman Who Grabbed the Rod
To My Children With Love
1985 Tragedy of W
Dreams of the Strong
1986 Rain Falling on Yeongdong Bridge
Street of Desire
Riding the Moonlight
Warderer in Winter
1987 A Long Journey, A Long Tunnel
Eve’s Second Bedroom
The Hero Returns
A Woman on the Verge
Diary of King Yeonsan
1988 Miri, Mari, Uri, Duri
The Invalid
1990 You Know What, It’s a Secret
1991 Do You Like Afternoons After the Rain?
Blood and FIre
1995 Piano in WInter
1998 Naked Being
2002 Bet On My Disco
2003 Star
Please Teach Me English
2009 Goodbye Mom
2012 Confession of Murder
2014 The Attorney
We Are Brothers
2015 Chronicle of a Blood Merchant
2016 Proof of Innocence
Operation Chromite


Kim Young-ae Drama List
Year Drama Title Role Network
1971 Chief Inspector Guest MBC
1973 Queen Min Queen Min
1974 Gangnam Family Second daughter Young-hee
1978 I Sell Happiness
Trap of Youth Noh Young-joo
1979 Mom, I Like Dad
Oddogi Squad Kim Hyo-shik
Become a Mountain and Become a River
1980 Portrait of Youth Min Bi
1981 Na-ri’s House
Han River
Let’s Love
Lee Shim’s Tragic Love Lee Shim
1982 Three Sisters KBS
1983 Your Portrait MBC
Sunflower in Winter
Thaw KBS
500 Years of Joseon – Tree with Deep Roots MBC
1986 Natalia 여간첩 나타리아 KBS
임이여 임일레라 KBS2
1987 Portrait of Life MBC
The Beginning of Love Yoo Soon-joo KBS
Terms of Endearment
1988 The 7th Ward MBC
13-year-old Bom KBS
Soonshim-yi KBS2
1989 Iichul KBS
Wang Rung’s Family
1990 Copper Ring Bok-il
Freezing Point Seo Hye-yeon
Geon Saeng-yi’s daughter Shaman
Our Beloved Sinner
1991 Magpie-in-law MBC
SIlent’s land KBS
Asphalt My Hometown Host KBS2
Yesterday’s Green Gras Jung-mi KBS
1992 People of Love Town
For the Sake of Love Soo-wan’s mother-in-law (Special appearance) KBS2
Autumn Woman Jeong Yeon-hee SBS
1993 Survivor’s Grief KBS
White Maze
Happiness Without You Hye-seon MBC
When I Miss You Hyun-joo KBS
1994 Scent of Love Myung-hee SBS
Winter in Dohwari KBS
1995 Sandglass Tae-soo’s mother SBS
Jang Hui-bin 대왕 대비 조씨
Your Voice
1996 Father KBS
Wealthy Yu-chun Kim Jung-ja – Hwa-won’s mother-in-law SBS
Colors: Gray Soo-hye KBS
Reporting for Duty Colonel Principal of Women’s Army Corps school KBS2
Until We Can Love Soo-ryun
The Brothers’ River Lee Soon-rye SBS
Power of Love Seol Ok-soon MBC
1997 Beautiful Face SBS
Women Ki Nam’s Mother
Over the Horizon Seo Boo-yong
Only You Yang-ja
Wedding Dress Shin Jung-ja KBS2
1998 아빠를 찾아주세요 KBS
Legend of Ambition KBS2
Panther of Kilimanjaro
White Nights 3.98 SBS
I Love You, I’m Sorry KBS
Seven Brides
1999 Did We Really Love? MBC
Waves SBS
1999-2000 Did You Ever Love? Kbs2
2000 Look Back in Anger KBS2
Can Anyone Love MBC
Dandelion KBS
2000-2001 Cheers for the Women SBS
2000 She’s More Beautiful Than a Flower MBC
2001 Tender Hearts KBS1
Legend SBS
Why Women KBS2
2002 We Are Dating Now SBS
Golden Pond
2002-2003 The Maengs’ Golden Era MBC
Royal Story: Jang Hui-bin KBS2
2003 Love Letter MBC
2003-2004 Go, Mom, Go! KBS2
2004 Old Miss Diary cameo
2006 Hwang Jini
2007 My Husband’s Woman SBS
2010-2011 Athena: Goddess of War KBS2
2011 Royal Family MBC
2011-2012 Garden of Heaven Chanel A
2012 My Lover, Madame Butterfly Lee Jung Ae SBS
Moon Embracing the Sun Great Mrs. Yoon MBC
2013 Medical Top Team Deputy Director
After School: Lucky or Not cameo Nate Hoppin/BTV/T-store
2015 Liar Game Cha Woo-jin’s Mother tvN
Birth of a Beauty Ko Soon-dong SBS
Kill Me, Heal Me Seo Tae-lim MBC
Mirror of the Witch Queen Yoon JTBC
Doctors Kang Mal-soon SBS
The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop Choi Gook-ji KBS2