About Korean Actress Kim Young-ae: Profile, Funeral, Diet, Cancer, Husband, Movies, and TV Shows

about actress Kim Young-ae

All About Late Actress, Kim Young-ae

Kim Young-ae was a South Korean actress who is known for her active appearance in every drama as a senior role. She already passed away on 9 April 2017 because of cancer. Kim Young-ae began her acting through MBC’s 3rd Open Recruitment in 1971, and made a debut through the TV police procedural “Chief Inspector” and subsequently built a prolific career in film and television. Let’s get to know more about actress Kim Young-ae.

Kim Young-ae: Full Profile and Facts

Kim Young-ae profile


Real Name = Kim Young-ae

Birthday = April 21, 1951

Death = April 9, 2017

Origin = Yeongseon-dong, Yeongdo District, Pusan, South Korea

Place of Death = South Korea

Religion = Christian

Height = 160 cm

Education = Bsan Girls Commercial High School

Years Active = 1971 – 2017

Agency = Star Village Entertainment



  1. She was known as one of the best supporting actresses in the entertainment industry.
  2. She was once a radio DJ for the KBS radio program “This is Hwang In-young and Kim Young-ae” in 1992.
  3. She is known to have had a son named Lee Min-woo.
  4. She once put her acting career aside in 2006, as she became the vice chairman of cosmetics firm, Chamtowon, which mainly produces soap and mud packs.
  5. Her company once filed a lawsuit of 20 billion won against KBS in 2008, after KBS’s program “Customer Report” falsely reported that the product contained heavy metals above safety levels, and caused bankruptcy afterward, and also went through suspend operations at its factory in Jeongeup, North Jeolla Province and lay off 100 workers.
  6. Although the problem was already solved, Chamtowon company couldn’t rise again, and it led her to her divorce from her husband.
  7. She won 21 awards in total, with her first award in 1974.
  8. Actress Park Shin-hye was known to be close to Kim Young-ae since the SBS 2015 drama “Doctors”. Park Shin-hye said that she will remember Kim Young-ae as her grandmother.


Kim Young-ae’s Fight with Cancer

Kim Young-ae funeral

Kim Young-ae was fighting pancreatic cancer for 5 years before her last breath. She died on 9 April 2017. Her colleagues, friends, and family were sending their last goodbyes at Shinchon Severance hospitals’ funeral home with Christian-style funeral service.

Before her death, Kim Young-ae shockingly already prepared her lengthy, extensive interview that examined her 47-year-long career, her funeral, her hanbok that she will wore to be buried with and a portrait photo. Her last shoot was the film “Laurel Tree Tailors“ which ended on February 26, 2017. During the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards, actress Park Shin-hye and actress La Miran were paying tribute to Kim Young-Ae. The other awards followed afterward.