Wow! Actress Kim Yoo-jung Appears As a Guest Star On ‘Running Man’!

Kim Yoo-jung

Kim Yoo-jung’s Appearance on Running Man

Actress Kim Yoo-jung became a guest on Running Man’s in Episode 170, which aired on November 3, 2013. The other guests in the episode were Big Bang’s T.O.P and actor Yoon Je-moon. The three of them all star in film Commitment, which was released on November 6, 2013. The filming locations for the episode were around Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do.

(This article contains spoilers!)

The opening for this episode was quite different than usual. Kim Yoo-jung and T.O.P, who were on the Busan International Film Festival, suddenly appeared in a mysterious place as if they had been brought there by some unknown force.

When they arrived, Kim Yoo-jung and T.O.P found a pair of red heels and a capsule. In the capsule was a letter that told them they needed to find the wizard Ji Seok-jin, and tell him their wish. they needed to find the scarecrows with no brains, heartless tin woodsmen, and the cowardly lions to help them on their quest to find the wizard. Only then, they would be able to realize their true heart’s desire. The plot was based on The Wizard of Oz. Kim Yoo-jung was the Dorothy, and T.O.P was Dorothy’s older brother.

Dorothy Yoo-jung and Brother T.O.P got on their bike and went off to find the friends who could help them on their quest. The first friends they met were the two scarerows, Lee Kwang-soo and Haha. Since the scarecrows were lacking intelligence, Dorothy Yoo-jung and Brother T.O.P took them to see the wizard so that they could get their brains.

Then the bicycle transformed into a car, and the four of them went off to find their other friends. The next friends they met were the tin woodsmen. After pulling some pranks on the tin woodmen, they all went off together to look for the lions. After finding the lions, they pulled the same pranks on the lions, and made them do acrostic poems.

Dorothy Yoo-jung and her expenditioners were finally all gathered together. They received another letter telling them they needed to find the wizard together. If they succeeded in a group mission, they would win an item that would help them in their quest to find the wizard.

For their first adventure, they all had to get in the car with a cane that stuck out, and get the car door closed behind them, in 30 seconds or less. Their first attempt took 1 minute and 41 seconds. The next try took them 52 seconds, but the third time only took 25.41 seconds, and they accomplished their mission.